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Not Rocket Science

Mary Bedy

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October 7th, 2012 - 11:44 AM

Not Rocket Science

My husband and I have been married 39 years. I think in all that time we’ve been to a movie about 10 times. Seriously, we’re not the movie-theater type. We usually rent or buy a really popular movie when it comes out on DVD. The only movies I remember seeing in the theater are “Alien”, “ET”, the first 3 Star Trek movies and “Panic in Needle Park” (a really dark, depressing Pacino movie). There may have been a couple more, but I can’t remember them right now.

There are some tv shows we enjoy, however, so we have collected the DVDs over time for shows like “The West Wing” and “Star Trek the Next Generation.” We are currently working our way through the original “CSI” series, and we decided to watch a couple on Friday night. We haven’t watched anything for a while because I was taking care of my father’s estate and was basically not in the mood.

Well, neither one of us is that technically savvy. We used to turn on the tv, which is hooked up to cable, switch it up a channel to receive the signal from the DVD player, and watch away. Friday, my husband opened the DVD remote and found that the batteries had actually leaked, so that remote is dead. I said “OK, we’ll just have to use the buttons on the player.” The regular TV remote died a long time ago, so we have been using the DVD remote and the cable remote until Friday, when we got down to the buttons on the DVD player and the cable remote. Do you think I can figure out how to get the DVD feed to work? None of the “tv/aux”, or “tv/cd” buttons on the cable remote seem to do anything even though they light up when I press them. Everything seems to still be hooked up and plugged in. I do admit, however, there is a massive amount of wiring behind my tv partly because there is also an old VCR hooked up that we never use, and my daughter has her game console hooked up as well, so it looks like black spaghetti back there, but every wire I follow is plugged into something.

When I brought my parent’s piano over to my house, I had to get rid of a large fish tank and the cabinet under it, which housed some photo albums and the directions for the tv, the DVD player and the tape player. I can’t remember where I put them and I can’t find them anywhere - not that I think they would help.

I’m at a loss. This isn’t rocket science. It does remind me of a time when my son was about 4 and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came over to baby sit so my husband and I could go out, and they wanted to use the old, primitive tape deck we had at the time and they couldn’t figure out how to use it. I told them they should have asked our son. My sister-in-law looked at her husband and said “I TOLD you we should ask Michael”. I guess my brother-in-law didn’t believe a 4-year-old would know how to run the tape player.

Now my 4-year-old is 36 and I want him to tell me what’s going on with my DVD player. Unfortunately, he lives in another state.

Does anyone have a techno-savvy kid they can loan me for a few minutes? Like I said, this isn’t rocket science, but I’m feeling pretty stupid right now.


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