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Numero Uno

Skip Hunt

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July 22nd, 2008 - 09:07 AM

Numero Uno

Here's my first entry. "Is this thing on?"

Have a show up and getting ready for another one in September... though I have no idea what I'm going to do. Probably a best of collection from my last Mexican motorcycle trip. Man, I wish I could get back on the road. That's the problem with going on great trips... eventually you have to come home and readjust to regular life. I wanted to blast off after my current show's reception (which was only 3 days ago), but there are too many things I'll miss or need my attention.. to leave now.

Luckily, a product I may take to market with a biz partner... looks like we may get it made in Guatemala.. and it looks like we'll need to go there very soon to get the manufacturing set up. Yaaaay! Killing a bird with two stones, ie. taking care of business AND traveling. ;-)

All for now.


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Todd Peterson

9 Years Ago

Newport, Mn

great work, good luck

Kevin Callahan

9 Years Ago

Parkville, Mo

Skip, I hope you get famous and filthy rich from your ventures. No one can argue with your talents. Best on your new show and the future.

Dale Witherow

9 Years Ago

Lacey, Wa

Hi Skip, I think this is a better venue for you than the discussion board. You did get tangled again in that right wing pissing contest again. I hope you continue blogging because I am interested in your where abouts and what you are doing/creating etc; And I hope the next show is productive or at least fun. Keep traveling. Dale