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On narcissism

Stephane Poirier

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October 29th, 2017 - 03:25 PM

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On narcissism

Russia’s in the House, artwork available to the public from https://fineartamerica.com/featured/russias-in-the-house-stephane-poirier.html or as a unique digital copy from http://oifii.org/ha-org/2017/10/03/russias-in-the-house/. Note: please understand that vorotrans.org must obtain copyright clearance from both REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque and President Donald Trump before you get a digital copy of this unique vorotrans artwork with 100% copyrights transferred to you.

In response to the webpage https://www.espritsciencemetaphysiques.com/scientifiques-selfies-narcissisme.html entitled in French “Les scientifiques associent les selfies au narcissisme, à la toxicomanie et à la maladie mentale” meaning in English “Scientists associate selfies to narcissism, addiction and mental illness” by Claire C. published on November 3 2016.

In 2017, at a time when the system could become more and more objective, i.e. with Block Chain technology and Artificial Intelligence technology, humans should not become more and more subjective by becoming all marketeers of their personal lives or marketeers always focused on their professional lives, we must all avoid falling into narcissism.

We all need to find our “raison d’être“, our purpose, on the planet and stay each focused mainly on this personal and unique purpose. For those who are stocked in it, they must get out of the narcissism.

Fortunately, HumanAware.ORG Montreal is making it its main mission, yes, its mottus operandi, and that, in 2017, it introduces the Vorotrans Art, a new artistic movement, which is precisely launched to overcome narcissism. This is clearly written in the Vorotrans Art manifesto published in several languages on HumanAware.ORG website. The English version is at http://oifii.org/ha-org/2017/09/29/the-founding-and-manifesto-of-vorotrans-art/.

After becoming clear about our personal purpose on earth and in the universe, purpose for our family, purpose for our city, purpose for our province or state, purpose for to be for our country, purpose for our countries – yes our purpose for all countries, we can move on to the next stage.

One way to avoid falling into narcissism, then, is to observe internally our beliefs and our thoughts in order to control our communications, our movements and all our actions. We must also be aware of our intentions.

All can also start by communicating and telecommunicating always considering that the source is listening to us. For a little baby, we could see the source as its immediate creators, both biological parents. But do you really think that such a scenario is in the mind of a small infant baby? Personally, I think that in the consciousness of an infant baby, there is no awareness of parent entities, objects, houses, lands, parishes or local districts, villages, cities, provinces or states, political parties and countries. But if I continue this game and continue my enumeration on higher scales, such as the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of our moon, the consciousness of the planets, the consciousness of the other moons, the consciousness of our star, the consciousness of the other stars and so on, I know that I’m going to fall over, that what I’m going to say will not stick to the road, meaning it will make no sense, the closer we get to the concept of the consciousness of the whole and the concept of the consciousness of the creator of our universe, I can not say that the infant baby would not already be aware of it.

The source, of which I refer here, is not only the creator of everything but also including the complete whole, the whole and the creator of the whole. If the infant is connected to it and the adults have disconnected from it. It’s sad, it leads to communications where an adult thinks, for example, that his communication is private, that he allows himself to say twisted things, I do not want to judge, but he loses, momentarily, the fact that the source listens at all times, that he thinks he can say a secret, that he can plan a combine and do some monkey business. I find it very pathetic and pollutant for the planet earth, not to say, obviously, excessively pollutant for the universe.

In the era of the democratization of Block Chains and Artificial Intelligence technologies, in the era of IoT, Internet of Things, it is essential to consider, at the very least, that our communications and telecommunications are not only all registered by governments at all time, but also all connected to the source at all time.

For those interested in security, privacy and communications, read this http://oifii.org/ha-org/2017/10/28/support-any-communication-not-private-in-the-lead-of-the internet-of-the-objects-ido/ and for all the others, wait for the next push on HumanAware.ORG, where you can find translations in several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian and many others. In the near future, blogs will be about the beauty of the synchronicity, the mechanics which hold everything in our universe.

A small transformation Vorotrans for your selfie with that?

In November 2017, a small network of websites enabling collaborative digital art creation and significant revenue sharing between artists will be pushed on the web. You will see the sites http://www.vorotrans.org, http://www.vorotrans.net and http://www.vorotrans.com. You know, in the age of wordpress websites, the most complicated is to write the contracts of commitments to the network and sites as well as the privacy policies. Yes, what no one reads, but everyone knows, somewhere, that they should.

Yes, in the era of IoT, everyone is an artist!

The site will be the publisher and will own 50.1% of the digital Vorotrans Artworks. All subscribers will be able to share the 49.9% of the generated Vorotrans Artworks, they will keep all 100% of their rights on the source digital artworks that they will have uploaded to the site in order to have Vorotrans Artworks derived from these source artworks. Subscribers can then delete, or not, their source artworks on the site. And it will be the site that will eventually be able to delete or keep the generated Vorotrans Artworks. Independent from the number of subscribers, the site will commit to generating the Vorotrans Artworks in the same order that the source digital artworks have been uploaded. The site will select the Vorotrans Artworks eligible for publication. Another digital transformation will be proposed to the artists who created and uploaded source artworks that will not qualify to become Vorotrans Art version 1.0 (autumn 2017).

In 2018 and 2019, there will always be the HumanAware.org website which will reserve a section of its website for the creation of collaborative digital art and the sharing of significant revenues between artists. HumanAware.ORG will not publish these digital works. It will facilitate collaborative creation and sharing of revenues between people, who know each other or do not know each other, without acting as publisher or curator of digital artworks created on the site but distributed on other sites. On the other hand, HumanAware.ORG will ask its subscribers to commit themselves to respect the fundamental principles that HumanAware.ORG will present to them in the form of a communications contract.

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