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Painting with Feeling

Stefan Baumann

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October 7th, 2019 - 12:13 PM

Painting with Feeling

“Awe and Wonder.”

At The Grand View this week, we are preparing the ranch for our workshop in May called “Awe and Wonder.” And by popular demand, we have added a new workshop this year called Create with Feeling.

Capture Feeling in a Painting.

This week’s Campfire chat was exhilarating. We have had little or no snow this
year and what we had has melted at The Grand View Ranch. Tonight’s campfire
was a bit different. When we were taking around the campfire, it began to snow.
Most events would call it a night, but not this hardy crew of artists. We just
opened another bottle of wine, snuggled under some Hudson Bay blankets that I
keep in a crate next to the fire, and talked about art. After finishing the second
bottle of wine, our conversation changed to talking about feeling and how to
capture feeling in a painting.

Interweave the heart

Successful artists endeavor to master techniques such as the application of paint
with brushes and palette knives. True artists must also have access to the tools
stored inside of the artist’s heart - their feelings, emotions, memories, and values.
It is essential to maintain both areas with care and attention or the result can be a
muddy mess and may create a sense of boredom in the individual. To enjoy the
art of creating quality work, it is necessary to interweave the heart, be present to
the significance of the moment, and engage in frequent practice to bring in a
sense of richness and clarity to your art.

Men and Women can create with feeling

True artists bring so much of their lives to their work. All artists share a common
element. Whether the product is made of silver, glass, clay, paint, cloth or wood,
a closer look will show that it also contains the spirit of the individual artist. The
significant difference between something that is created by the hand of man and
a production-line item is the existence of that human spirit. Computers and
assembly lines can create with abundance, but only men and women with their
hands, tools, and love can create with feeling.

Significance of the moment

The key to being successful is sensitivity. The relationship that is established
between the artist and his work is personal. Inspiration is not always present but
every now and then, there is a special awareness that may come to you. All of a
sudden, something falls into place. When you are creating with inspiration, reality
leaves you. You are in unaware of time. You do not have time to eat and every
thing is present! Great art is created from this flow. Somehow, you have
transformed. Both the art and the artist become more dignified because of the
perception of the significance of the moment. When you open up to your work
and allow it to move and change you, you will begin to notice that boredom is
something that happens to other people.

Increase your awareness of the moment

Here is an exercise to increase your awareness of the moment. Paint something
right in front of you, right now. Be present. Feel the paint. See the color. Don’t
worry about the outcome. Set the timer in the other room and remove all distractions. Remove any thing that might distract your focus. This also means any sound of clocks or lights humming. Lay in your sketch quickly, light and darks, shadows and highlight, notes of color and so on. Do it quickly in 10 or 14
minutes max. Now start with the central focal point. Look, but dont think. Slowly mix a color to match what you are seeing, and then go directly to the next color tone. Mix,
breathe, observe, and enjoy what’s in front of you. Have no agenda but to study,
mix and stroke. Each brush stroke should be observed, taken in and enjoyed as
you would when tasting a fine wine or a lush desert. Observe the color, the form,
and the texture of the paint and how it moves.

Try this. It might make a difference in the way you paint. If so, let me know. Also,
if you have anything topic you would like our group to talk about, email your
question or topic to me. I look forward to talking with you next week. Till then,
keep the home campfires burning and your brushes wet with color.

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