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Perspective on my art

Farzali Babekhan

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July 27th, 2015 - 12:07 PM

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Perspective on my art

I have to say that Art is corner stone of my being. I have always been fascinated with fine art such as poetry and painting from very young age. They both emanate waves of expressions that come from core of human desire that can be rooted in ideals of human nature and can come in direct form or in an expression.

I started my interest in drawing from a very early age and thirty year after I am more passionate than ever before. I, mainly, paint in photo realism and abstract form art. I enjoy both styles and each one of them gives me a different pleasure and satisfaction.

Painting, drawing, and illustrating are no different than using spoken languages to communicate. Photo realism is a powerful medium and direct representation of our surroundings and visual subjects. As an artist, when I paint a realistic image I am looking at it from three different angles: one is to create an snapshot of a memorable image that will carry my impressions on it, two is to create and paint something meaningful and pleasing to captivate the audience, and third helps me to analyze the subject which enhances my perspective in life.

Painting an abstract art has totally different take for me. In contrast to photo realism, abstract is expressive side of the art. As with poetry, an abstract painting is the medium I use to express my feeling or capture part of my dream or imagination. It lets me to pour and exert emotions onto the blank canvas as much as possible. As with poetry, this type of art requires audience’s active participation to enjoy and internalize the art which helps the audience to get in touch with their own inner child.

In general no matter which style of art I engage with the sheer pleasure is indescribable. It has almost a cleansing effect on soul and what passes through the mind is an innocent nature of art and nothing more. Photo realism bounds me to adhere to strict discipline and abstract allows me to expand my imagination and break the norm.

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