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Poetry Double Feature

Karla White

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July 15th, 2011 - 07:30 AM

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Poetry Double Feature

I have a new "Featured Artist" on my website!

Please visit http://hillbillygirl.deviantart.com/ and http://genaekay.deviantart.com/

and then visit their galleries to see the rest of their absolutely incredibly thoughtful works! Under each artist's featured gallery below, I've included the beginning lines from several poems:

Featured Galleries:

Poetry and Other Writings by Hillbillygirl (aka Penny)http://hillbillygirl.deviantart.com/gallery/27152706

The Forgiving
Girl Crouched in a corner, with her arms wrapping herself tightly, a girl was found.
Her once beautiful face was covered in blood and bruises.
Her eyes so swollen that they were mere slits to see through.
Her hands cut, bruised and her fingernails broken from the scraping of the floor while being dragged.
Her stomach and back bruised and bones from her ribs rising with their broken form.
Her legs bleeding and scratched from the kicking of her feet, bruised with the blows of fists.
Her feet sat beneath her, one shoe on and one shoe off.

A stranger walked toward her speaking in a soft protecting voice.
Be not afraid, I am here to help and...

A Heart Of Fire Turns To Ice
Here I stand facing you with a rage of madness flowing through my veins.
Your flashing angry eyes, they shoot out daggers that pierce my soul.
Your hateful angry words, how they singe my ears and ring in my heart.
Your actions of pure discontent, it chills me to the bone.

My body is shaking and tears stream down my face.
My stomach is twisting and churning as if in knots.
My lungs are painful, for the air has flown out of them.
My heart is breaking, for with each action done is like the blow of a hammer.

With a pain in my heart and its shards at my feet, I turn and walk away.
With each step, the blood which flows through my heart...

The eagles soar in the sky, their wings spread out.
Their eyes searching for their prey, their talons sharp and held in a claw shape.
Their screech is a loud cry, one that only the others understand.
In their flight, the wind is the only sound to ge heard.
Their swiftness, it comes without signal or warning.
Then at last, they sing their battle cry, a cry for victory.
Their prey is spotted, they descend like a fierce arrow straight to its mark.
The prey knowing that the end is near, one last try, they challenge them.
But to no avail, the eagle with spirit, strength, determinations, courage and the will to win, over powers their prey an...

A Mother's Strength

There she sat in a lonely and dark room.
Tears falling from the news she just heard.
The pain and anger she felt freezing her to the chair.
The not knowing of what was to come was hard to bear.

Seeing her son, explosions of all feeling hard to control.
The look in his eyes when he looked at her, was the question why.
Her heart ached, an answer she could not give to him.
Standing up, she took him in her arms and they cried together.

When the crying was over, the words they spoke were soft and unsure.
The decisions were made with caution and careful planning.
The unknown and fear chilling both of them t...

A Promise Given

Looking at the sunrise, my heart and soul tear apart.
My breath catches inside my lungs and I feel as if they will explode.
My eyes sting as I try to hold back the unshed tears.
The blood inside my veins burns like fire as I stand rooted to the ground.
The past, present and thoughts of the future intertwine with one another.
My body begins to tremble with emotions that were held in the dark recesses of my heart.
Thoughts of should of, could of and would of plagued my unquieted mind.
I fall to my knees still looking to the sunrise and softly whisper to the silence.
Questions that laid buried deep within my being...

Alone and Hoping
Alone in a field of brush and thorn bushes, a flower grows.
The brush partly brown with age and thirst.
The thorn bushes swaying and wrapping themselves to all that was near.
The flower, its red velvet pedals and yellow center reached for the kiss of the sun.

Time passes by, the three stood withering in the humid heat.
The brush, turning browner and shriveling with the rays of the sun.
The thorn bushes, fighting for life, creeps even closer to the flower.
The flower, still so red and the center still bright, stands waiting for the rain to come.

Times still passes, the three fighting for life without their thirst being quenched...


"Poems" by Genae Kay

You are LOVED
If I told you I loved you
Would you hold it against me
Would you take it lightly
And just push it aside
Or would you keep it safe
And hold it dearly
Would you take it to heart
And never let it leave
Keeping it warm
Protecting it

If I told you I loved you
Would you walk away
Would you act like you never heard it
Leaving those precious words hanging
Just dangling there
Limp without recognition
Not a care about them
Dying so slowly

If I told you I loved you
I truly mean it
Not even partially
Because this heart of mine
It's beaten, bruised and...

Broken hearts
All of the broken hearts in this world
Get mangled and beaten
Cracked until no more help can be given
Eventually crumbled into pieces
Thrown in the wind and wished away
Being swept into the wandering stream called life

Dipping our hands into the stream
Pulling out hand-fulls of fragmented hearts
Placing them in the icy black hole that vacates our heart
Waiting for the right person to come along and glue them back together
As time goes by the pile turns icy and frail
Paling and graying as time flies by

Waiting for the right person
Ready and willing to sew your fragmented heart into one
Piece by piece
Taking the time to care...

A simple hug
Their bodies meshing together
Melting into one another
Holding each other together
Warm and safe
His arms wrapped around her waist
Her arms draped around his neck
His hand slowly trailing
Up and down her back
Sending shivers up her spine
His other hand
Securely holding the small of her back
Pressing her further into him
The trailing hand travels
His fingers dancing tenderly
Up and down her side
It reaches up
Gently lifting her chin
Looking deeply into her eyes
Searching her soul hungrily
Finding what he's needing
He leans down slowly
Holding her even tighter to him
Their lips meet gently
Soft tender lips...

Living on
Living on
Pressing on
As the days get older
My heart grows colder
And I often wonder
How I live

You wrap me in your loving arms
Holding me high
Keeping me safe and warm
Your smile playing on your face
Warming up my world

But living on
The days get older
And my heart gets colder

Everyday you hold me high
Warming my soul
And keeping me safe from self harm
Often I wonder
How I could live
Without you

The good and the bad
The ugly and the sad
My darkest days
My darkest thoughts
All that in mind
You still hold me high
Holding me close
And warming my...

Her drug
She bares her teeth
Balls her fists
Digs in her heels
And lets out a scream

So stubborn
So harsh

Yet there he waits
Like every other time
Standing there

So calm
So relaxed

Dismissing the anger
His arms open wide and welcoming
Seeing the hurt little girl that dwells beneath

Encouraging her
Calming her

Does he know
That he's her drug
Every time he holds her
He sends her into a high

A high that nothing in the word would know
Till the next time
Her monster breaks free
And it all starts again...

Her savior
In rhythm to the beat
Drinks in hand
Everyone is a little tipsy
Free the mind
Let loose the soul
Get lost in the bodies
Smiles play across the faces
Tonight's a good night

Drinks in hand
Everyone is drunk
Hands are everywhere
She's dancing away
Not a care in the world
Tonight she's letting it all out
Taking this all in
Tonight she's hitting the deep end

She stumbles home
Keys in hand, Music in mind
The beat still thumps within her
She finds her bed
Climbs in
The tears begin to fall
Memory is a bitch
The drinks were short term
She's crying
Ready to give u...
The full feature on my website http://karlajkitty.com/featured-artists/poetrydoublefeature

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