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Presenting The 20s Reborn

Malinda Prud'homme

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August 12th, 2017 - 10:04 AM

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Presenting The 20s Reborn

"The 20s Reborn"
November 2016
Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint,
Crackle Paste, and Gems
on Wood Panel
12" x 16"

Original Artwork:

8" x 10" Prints:

Larger Prints:

Having painted and become friends with her sister, it was only natural that Janique St Laurent and I would become a part of each others online circle. What a blessing that was because she would soon post a picture that would inspire one of the most delicate, beautiful, and unique pieces I have ever created. In her photo she wore a lovely 1920s inspired headband and I couldn’t help but feel this gorgeous old soul with a passion for social justice embodied the spirit of the roaring era. With that in mind I decide to capture her beauty somewhat translucently to convey that this 20s spirit is being reborn into our modern world. A particularly special aspect of the piece is a sculpted antique frame that, like the portrait, seems solid but then becomes ghostly. Lastly the gems in the jewelry give the piece a dream-like sparkle. I’m an avid history lover, and the 1920s is one of my favourite eras, so creating this piece truly touched my soul.

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