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Prochoice And Prolife Existing In Harmony.

Gabby Tary

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September 10th, 2019 - 09:46 PM

Prochoice And Prolife Existing In Harmony.

Okay make abortion illegal.
Okay make laws like women having abortion tried for murder.
Okay get a lawyer for the fetus. Yes, do all that.

Then the balance is making laws like trying the father of the aborted fetus for murder.
Every single individual registering their political affiliation also register whether they are prolife or prochoice.
Every single individual, organization, religious group have to pay an extra $10 in taxes every paycheck or 10% of their income.
This money is to be spent on free contraceptives for every single individual and mandatory sex education for everyone starting at age ten.
Education on how to prevent pregnancy.
Any loopholes?
But don't bother with a response like "it would never happen", unless you explain why and how you would fix it.
It is a problem, prochoice people can't run away from. Because those "get a lawyer for the fetus”
people won't get it through their heads that's it's not their fuckin business. Yet, they also vote against contraceptives like Chick-fil-A.
We've been playing defense.
Horrified at the unreasonableness instead of figuring out how to throw back the punch.
So this both ideology can exist side by side.
If after all that someone is careless enough to get pregnant then how can we help you.
Congratulations you're a parent.
Prolife and Prochoice existing in harmony.


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