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Publisher trying to get your money.

Rick Huotari

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June 19th, 2008 - 02:07 PM

Publisher trying to get your money.

I responded to a Craigslist ad from a Fine Art Publisher. I was contacted and was offered a deal to be published and promoted internationally and making 22% royalty on every print sold. The initial deal they offered was to have me pay for the image capture and that they would pay for everything else. Thankfully I had a friend an (Art Representative) who could offer a qualified opinion regarding this deal. He said, "Artists should never pay for any aspect of publishing when dealing with a publisher". I took this advise and relayed the information to the publisher. They came back with a verbal offer that I thought was in line with what my freind had said. I didn't discover the scam untill I recieved the contract and discovered that they were hiding the cost in the back end of the deal. In dealing with them I learned that as artists we need to think as business people and separate our emotions from the deals that are being presented. If you are thinking about a deal like this just know that it is to good to be true. Another thing I learned from this is you must know and trust your partners in business.


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David Grudniski

12 Years Ago

Calgary, Al

Good on ya Rick I think some people think artists are an easy mark. Some are but if we are to rise above all the money grabbing schemes out there it's important to have a few basic business policies. Research and a business support system ( like your friend ) are basic to good business practices.