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Random chance....or not

Mary Bedy

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January 13th, 2013 - 09:38 AM

Random chance....or not

I just got a new phone because my old one was dying. It was a Blackberry and I miss my little keyboard, but everything is a trade-off. The new one is very nice. Iíve discovered scrabble in the game store and Iíve been playing it with my daughter-in-law and her mother. For some reason, that stupid little addictive game keeps giving me either the ďjĒ and the ďzĒ at the same time, or all vowels. I know itís supposed to be random, but I swear itís out to get me. On top of that, I can tell my daughter-in-law has been playing this for a while. Iíve played several games with her and I havenít beaten her yet. Sheís been killing me.

At any rate, I donít know about you, but sometimes I swear the electronics in my life are out to get me. My work computer seems to be catching cold lately even though I donít surf on it and I donít open suspicious mail. My camera has been making odd noises lately when Iím using one particular lens on manual focus....I hope thereís nothing wrong with it.

I used to make fun of my son. Everything electronic he buys has a problem and he has to exchange it. Iím not kidding. When he was still living at home, we ordered him a computer for college and the first monitor had a purple screen. We sent it back, and the second one came with a broken case. We sent that one back and UPS lost it. The credit card company only credited us for one of the monitors so we ended up paying for two. He bought himself a printer at a local electronics store and it didnít work - he had to exchange it. When he got his first apartment, he bought a bread maker that didnít work and he had to exchange that. Recently, he bought his wife an i-phone and the screen didnít work, so they had to exchange it. There have been several more things I canít think of right now.

Before my father passed away in May last year, I had been thinking about getting a new computer, so before my son came out for the funeral, he bought it for me in New Hampshire because he didnít have to pay sales tax. I told him to make a point of telling the sales person it was for his mother, not for himself. Fortunately, it seems to work fine.

They say you can affect the things around you by the energy you give off. I guess I influence the letter generator in the scrabble game and my son influences everything electronic around him. Is that weird? Or am I just imagining things? I know you know what Iím talking about. Everyone has their odd ďthingĒ. I swear my mother-in-law used to buy three scratch-off lottery tickets at a time and win on two of them. Every time. I never saw anything like it. I once saw her go to the drug store across the street about 5 times, exchanging winning tickets for more tickets until she won 25 bucks, at which point she stopped.

Ah, well, perhaps if I concentrate some energy on it, that little scrabble game will stop giving me the darn ďjĒ and the darn ďzĒ on the same turn.


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