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Red Rock Canyon- Reno Nevada

Sally Hanrahan

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May 27th, 2013 - 07:49 PM

Red Rock Canyon- Reno Nevada

My friend Nancy and her dog Myah and I went for a hike in the Red Rocks area of Reno NV. It was a beautiful day with a few clouds and about 65 degrees. On the drive in the hills were ablaze with wildflowers. So many flowers I didn't know which way to turn. We hiked a canyon and had to walk up the wash in order to get to the top. Dry as a bone but the flowers were amazing there also. We climbed to the top of the peak and Nancy took my picture standing on the highest rock outcropping. A wonderful view of the valley below. So many different kinds of rock formations and colors. On our way down I stopped to take some macro pictures of flowers. I was down in the wash and Nancy was up above with Myah. I was walking along the wash trying to find a way up and out and all of a sudden a Rattler Snake jumped out! I yelled "Whoa snake"!!! It had 3 rattles on it and it was in striking position. I did not realize this at first because I had never seen one. I heard hissing and probably what was a rattling noise but again, I was not familiar with the sound. I am guessing it was about 3 to 5 feet long but it was curled up so I couldn't really get a good idea. I walked back about 15 feet. Set my camera settings really fast and clicked off a few pics before I high tailed it out of there. As I found a place to climb up, I walked back to where the snake was and looked down. He was back under his branch waiting for his next victim....The rest of the hike was a little nerve racking looking for snakes every step of the way back down.


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