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Dave Luebbert

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June 5th, 2013 - 09:18 PM


The color red. We in our human skins can only sense a fraction of all that exists in the universe. But what luck to have been given the ability to see and sense the color red. Think of how it uniquely marks its location in our eye sight, especially against all other colors. Reds can be dull and dark, rich and burgundy, no longer bright and glowing, and they can be diluted with whiteness into the pink region, still bright but not as striking. Red, used world round for so much symbolism in flags, corporate logos and icons, strategically placed in advertisements to catch the eye. Red can cause fear as with the sight of blood, fire or explosion, and it can bring joy as with a red sunset or sunrise, or a bright red apple, a cherry, or a snazzy car. Placed against its complementary color, green, it makes a happy statement for those celebrating Christmas. Too much red in a painting can be overwhelming and not enough can lack warmth. In fashion, red is a primary color that can be considered as neutral as black or white, and can "go" with anything.


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