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Claudia Stewart

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April 27th, 2013 - 01:13 PM


This week, as I was walking up the grassy area near the Kyle Centre on my way home, I spied somewhat of a relic; it was a miniature football,made of foam rubber and time had not dealt with it kindly. Obviously left behind by some dog and its owner, it had grown over with moss, and had a lovely patina of pink and white with blueish tones. Along with the avacado greens of the moss, it was quite breathtaking. I took it home and snapped a few photos of it before tossing it in the garbage (I don't think foam rubber can be recycled; pity). I plan on using these colours as background for my new painting of Anne. Sometimes, just getting the background colours will inspire the imagery, and I have already chosen a new photo of Anne and have been working up a pencil sketch, to be gone over in technical pen and transferred onto pastel paper, or possibly I will transfer it onto paper I can use with acrylics.

A week from today I shall be travelling to California for a much deserved 16 day vacation. There I will take numerous photos, possibly of architectural bits I find interesting, and other odds and ends, as well as a friend who will be in the Women's Celebration Series. I will be visiting relatives, spending some time in San Francisco and refreshing myself with a 6-day silent retreat at Spirit Rock, in the windy California hills off the coast.

Beth has been proceeding and I now have a sharpening stone to get a nice edge on my bent knife for carving of the lark.

Have also picked up a half-shell of a walnut that the squirrel had picked clean and am working up a giant drawing of it in charcoal, which I may use pastels on or coloured pencil or all of that and more; depends on what it demands after the charcoal is done.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of progressive lenses for my glasses; hopefully they will arrive before May 4th, when I leave. I hope to adjust to them on my trip and be an old pro at using them by the time I get back from my trip.

Well, that's all she wrote for this blog.



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