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Remembering Artist Leonid Afremov

Frank J Casella

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September 5th, 2019 - 12:45 PM

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Remembering Artist Leonid Afremov

On August 19th a wonderful person and artist, who I have learned much from, has passed suddenly.

I want to share with you a section from the tribute on his blog that deeply resonates with me:

"Leonid was a very simple and humble person. He did not like big parties, he did not like luxury things, he never wore jewelry or watch, and he did not like to show off . He rather wanted to share his art with the world and make it accessible to general working class people. He never wanted to sell his paintings only to the rich for thousands of dollars. His vision was that every single house in the world could have a piece of his soul through his art .

Leonid Afremov maybe passed but his art is eternal and will live forever. He has definitely has put his mark in art history and development. He has served as inspiration for thousands of young people who followed his footsteps during his life".

Farewell to Artist Leonid Afremov

Thanks for reading, talk with you again real soon.


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Frank J Casella

10 Days Ago

Homewood, IL

Interesting, Conor, thank you.

Conor Murphy

10 Days Ago

KInsale, Co Cork

I agree entirely Frank that the world has lost a wonderful person and a great artist, saying that, I thought that his palette was limited and repatriation in style and also to a certain degree in subject matter, saying that I loved his work with his use of the the palette knife and his generous use of paint. May he Rest in Peace.

Frank J Casella

13 Days Ago

Homewood, IL

Nandika, I resonate with your words. Say a prayer for the Afremov family.

Artist Nandika Dutt

14 Days Ago

Nagpur, Maharastra

I am big fan of his painting.This is really sad news.My three favorite Leonid Afremov's paintings:1.Big Ben London 2 - Palette Knife Oil Painting On Canvas, 2.Gold Wave - Palette Knife Oil Painting On Canvas and 3.Night Park 3 - Palette Knife Oil Painting On Canvas https://fineartamerica.com/featured/big-ben-london-2-palette-knife-oil-painting-on-canvas-by-leonid-afremov-leonid-afremov.html