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Ricky Sencion

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June 15th, 2012 - 01:02 PM


Iím keeping it short today ☹

If sadness lingers, I think itís been here too long and itís brought some friends, friends whom I havenít been able to identify. Either way, the past couple of weeks have been difficult and dark. Itís like Iím broken and I can break more at any given moment. No matter what Iíve done, I havenít been able to snap out of it. A snap can happen so easily. I need some help and Iíve asked my angels, Sam and Bill, for some guidance.

The piece here is titled, Jesus Shadow. Itís my latest piece. Working with Ďoilí markers has sort of brought the kid in me. I need my kid; itís the little boy in me that makes life worthy. And that creepy clown in the photo is me. It's a photo from 10 years ago. Interstingly enough, it was Halloween and I'll never forget walking in to Trader Joes dressed in this atttire and feeling invisible. Even the cashier said nothing! It's like nobody wanted to see what or who was in front of them.

A little bright light has been the start of the new season of Glee Project. I donít watch Glee, but this competition brings a smile to my face; watching these young ones and their hopes and personalities is refreshing.

An old proverb says, ďIf you see a friend without a smile; give him one of yours.Ē

I may not know you, but I'll give you mine. :)


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