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Seasoned, Eclectic, Creative or just NUTZ

Marty Hermes

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January 26th, 2013 - 02:24 PM

Seasoned, Eclectic, Creative or just NUTZ

About Marty Hermes
I am a "seasoned" woman, with eclectic ideas and thoughts, a self taught painter and a very right brained thinker. I love to think outside the box and formulate solutions rather than to complain and grumble and not ever change my pattern of thinking. My blog thoughts and posts are my own, they do not reflect unless stated, the opinions of anyone else, any companies or organizations I have chosen to highlight on my blogs. I hope to help our community to become better with networking and creative thinking at this time of great changes. We need to care about one another and do what we can where we are to help those who are struggling and to also bring back and to strengthen the very principles this country was founded on, "in God We Trust". It's my intent to make you laugh, think, ponder and to motivate you to do whatever that tiny whisper within's our compass and we need to hear the soft voice to bless all of us, we are brothers and sisters of America....I am grateful to be. I welcome additional crazy women out there to join me with their diversified ways of thinking and doing things...we are nurturers,loving,crazily feminine human beings that bring joy, laughter and love to those of the opposite gender on this planet...come share with me, won't you? I love to write and I also paint in acrylics, view my website at I have a strong value base and a level of intelligence that is often deep and curious. I am not afraid to voice my views and especially love to discover the talents and gifts in others. I smile often and my cup is always half full....I am a naturally born optimist that seeks solutions rather than to foster blame. I love meeting people and learning about this world, I want to see it all, touch it all, taste it all and when my time comes to leave this little planet I want to know I left my footprints upon the sands of time. This additional blog I hope will provide an avenue of stimulus to creatively find solutions for those in crisis situations in the Tampa Bay area....use the comments to submit your needs and also suggested solutions to help your friends, neighbors and co-workers.
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