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Seeds Of Hope

Jackie Nourigat

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December 1st, 2019 - 06:56 PM

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Seeds Of Hope

Once upon a time in a village so little
And so remote that it barely seemed to exist,
Lived a Man and his family
In a hut built on barren soil.

For years, the fellow had struggled
To maintain a decent living for his household.
He was determined and rather tenacious,
But in spite of all his efforts ,
Their life had not improved over the years
And the brave fighter had become tired.

One day, as he was complaining about
Their miserable condition, someone
Told him of an old monk, a Hermit
Who was living inside a Monastery
In a hamlet nearby, whom he could
Visit in order to get some ‘Seeds of Hope’.

“Seeds of Hope?” asked the Man,
“And what is that?”
The Lad replied that he wasn’t sure,
But he had heard that it was worth the try.
The next morning, the Man picked up
His walking stick, and hit the road.

“What do you need the Seeds for?”
Asked the Monk, after the traditional greetings.

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