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October 20th, 2017 - 09:19 AM

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SKI Club Members

There is a bit of a funny story to Reg and I purchasing a George Forman grill and roaster oven a few years ago, for our caravan kitchen.

We told both our daughters that we were going shopping with the intention of buying one or the other.

We were advised by one daughter, that we could just use nonstick foil and cook on our existing frypan and save out money. OK, well-meant advice, but we wanted to buy one or the other, not seek a low-cost alternative.

Our second daughter, equally caring in her nature, advised us to go to the Warehouse and purchase a no-name product to do a similar job as the more familiar grill. At that stage, the oven was a new concept, and there were no low-cost versions we liked.

Somehow, Reg and I felt a little rebellious at being in our 60's and often being advised by thirty somethings as to how to manage our money so after a quick check of the one daughter spoke of and the warehouse the other mentioned we headed to the department store and joined the SKI Club. We became official members of the Spending the Kids Inheritance Club and in buying both, went over our budget, and we have never regretted either purchase nor the fun we had, laughing at our 'rebellion at being told how to spend our money, by our own 'kids.'

Tonight’s chicken dinner was a free range, organic, local chicken, and it was divine, cooked without any salt or seasoning, just onions and potatoes cooked in the pot with it and all the fat drains out into the dish beneath the roaster, making it low-fat cooking. Delicious!

PS. We LOVE our children and understand they meant only to have given us good advice.

We had a dream drive from Hervey Bay to Marlborough, Queensland, Australia today.

Here I am adding to the graffiti mural at the invitation of the Marlborough Hotel tonight. I'm adding my name to the internal walls of this country pub which has become my office for the evening.

Travellers can camp overnight in the hotel carpark for a modest cost.

I travel extensively to draw inspiration for my paintings and writing from life experience.
You will discover my Australian rural-lit novels at www.rural-lit.com

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