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Something about my art

GuoJun Pan

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August 26th, 2013 - 12:49 AM

Something about my art

I began working from the 2005 video game programming, that time I did not graduate. So I was interested in a meet there are very good and rewarding work for me, just graduated is very, very lucky. So I worked for many years of enthusiastic computer game developer, I am responsible for the beginning of a scene editor, which is the thing I was most impressed. I was doing them a tool to make art workers to complete their desired effect, so I was constantly in the process according to the requirements of their efforts to improve this tool. There was a time we do a new game, I was very enthusiastic, but the art produced results so I am very disappointed. I would like to increase the effect by modifying the tool, but I do not know how, I realized that my lack of insight into some art. Later time I did a lot of tools are tools that are indirect in different people's demand produced. And I'm getting confused, a big game will take several years to complete, visual effects can come out a little earlier, as a programmer I tried to cooperate with art hoping to make good results, but I always feel that their work is too passive . Later, I began to strive to improve their artistic accomplishment, after all, I also like painting since childhood, but later a little more inclined to science.
Over time, video games have begun to evolve rapidly, China's developers to start too quick success, and it all makes me very, very disappointed, and I found the style of the game is not high art, always doing some visual stimulation, sex and violence is very common. So when my artistic slowly improving, and I saw a lot of negative things, one day I decided to quit.
Later in the game experienced a failure after the release, as well as the other main partner, I carefully analyzed the causes and future development. We decided to do some more direct contact with the market, short-term, and more healthy things. And for me, this transition has given me a lot of time, I decided to try their own direct do whatever, "to simplify the game, and eventually become three things: rules, stories, paintings," then I chose painting, I mastered the program directly with the technology to painting.

I want to tell you I do not suddenly have this idea of painting, I said I have always liked to draw, in addition to my personality is inclined to the arts. Engaged in the programming process, I always consider the question: "What is a good program?."
Structurally say what kind of structure is beautiful? I often think about this question, I found all the things (in the conceptual field) are from some other more fundamental changes made combination of elements, like a twig, things from the bottom up slowly formed. So the whole world is like a tree, or at least looks like a cactus, this is my idea of ??an early, now it is a bit simplistic, but still have some kind of overall impression. Later, I gradually found the beauty of this structure is not the most important for the purposes of the program, because the program code itself relative to the run-time performance and functional terms is not so important, so then the United States Code can only hide behind. When I put the idea on the painting at the time, I think about this question: "What kind of painting is the beauty of it?" I find painting beauty especially abstract art beauty with me previously realized the beauty of the structure is a back thing.
So let me discuss this issue in depth. On the structure of the United States such as our culture is the cultural element of the underlying portfolio transform slowly through the formation of a tree structure (this is a simplified view, because there is crossover between the branches of this tree), a beautiful structure is probably the most orderly, forked branches and most uniform, most natural state, in information theory in this state is the state of minimum information content. Imagine a painter in his work when drawing is in fact constantly inject information, which is mainly from the artist's habit of consciously or unconsciously, including painting habits, thinking habits, in short, is its unique personal information. So what is the minimum amount of information mean? Could it be that the painter is best not to bring personal information? So how would there be personalized paintings speak of? So for this issue I have my own opinion, I just state their understanding: First, I think the arts with the United States is different, the essence of art is inspired by the human mind of things, he is neutral, he can also be very beautiful ugly, very elegant but also can be very vulgar, very positive can also be very negative, while the United States seems to be some sort of order with the balance. So I understand the artist's work is inspired by nature with beauty are two different things, I do not think about art in fact any form of this kind of thing will be limited, it is difficult to draw a conclusion, so I mainly for beauty. My conclusion is that beauty is the artist's own habit of orderliness, painters after the formation of style has its own artistic language, and art also formed, but the artist must train hard to get a sense of beauty, purpose of the training is to make your own form some intrinsic orderliness. You see a beautiful work, the artist's brushwork on canvas unfold, you can see there are many similar symmetrical mode, then you can notice some unexpected changes, which is the marriage of beauty and art, I have always been pursuit of things.
Although abstract art is the art of natural style, but I do not want to do purely abstract outset, the main reason is I think pure abstraction is built on the basis of specific things, there is no figurative art do support, abstract art will gradually depleted . So I strive to do between abstract and figurative compromise. I do not want to take too much emotion in it, so I prefer cold abstract style, but also combines the aesthetic characteristics of the East, so I naturally become the main theme (so far).

Earlier I talked about in my pursuit of symmetry and change of artistic ideas, how to use a computer programming language to realize she do?
In Fact, the method is very simple, it is the first application to geometric forms, and use randomness to generate change. Here geometric forms similar to the concept of fractals is that the computer's algorithm visualization.
This method is the most critical step is to find the object you want to show in the form of features, then you want to write an algorithm to achieve, but I believe I am most cases this process is not difficult, the key is that you want to be found between the abstract and figurative compromise point.


In conclusion on this art form from the classification algorithm should be classified as art, you can find the relevant Wikipedia entry, which the argument is that this new form of art seems not strong evidence yourself, then I hope we take a it proved its power to let the public know her, like her.


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