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Spiritual meaning of Oranges, gold, peach, amber by Carol Nemitz

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July 25th, 2010 - 01:35 AM

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Spiritual meaning of Oranges, gold, peach, amber by Carol Nemitz

ORANGE: The POWER of listening to and hearing, seeing, and doing the Mind of Christ. This is a combination of Red Mercy and Yellow Grace. The RED Fire of Mercy comes and sets the Holy Oil of YELLOW Grace on Fire. This Grace on Fire Lights up our Faith SHIELD around us. This Shield is Jesusí Mind Lighting our way. This color ORANGE is formed by the Light of the Menorah in the Temple shining on the Table of the Bread of Fatherís Will in the GOLD ROOM. The Bread on the GOLD TABLE is Fatherís Will. This Bread cannot be seen without the ORANGE GLOW of ďlisteningĒ being lit in out minds. When the Lampstand of our mind is lit with the LIGHT of Christís thoughts, we can see Fatherís Will. When we ďseeĒ with our hearts what Father God is doing, then we are EMPOWERED to do it as well. Orange is the color of EMPOWERMENT. If our High Priest has not been given access to our mind, then our lampstand is not in order. Our oil must be refilled fresh morning and night. Our wicks must be trimmed. The Fire from the Altar of Sacrifice (Jesusí Blood on Fire) must be brought by our High Priest to light the seven lamps on our lampstand. ORANGE is the color of YELLOW oil on FIRE with the MIND OF CHRIST. ORANGE is the color of POWER. ORANGE is the color of MIRACLES. This orange power is the opposite of the occult. This color speaks loudly in testimony of Godís handiwork. Miracles and healings are broadcast with this color in the Spirit realm. The voice of the saints speaking Godís miracles lights up the souls of all who hear and believe with ORANGE LIGHT. Orange is light reflecting off of the GOLDEN walls and furniture in the Temple of our hearts. When WISDOM comes into our heart and mind ORANGE LIGHT is happening. When UNDERSTANDING is imparted to us ORANGE LIGHT is happening. When COUNSEL from heaven lights up like a light bulb in our brain, ORANGE happens. When the angels bring MIGHT and ABILITY from heaven, ORANGE is happening. When someone FEARS or REVERENCES the Lord, ORANGE is shining. When someone comes to obtain revelation KNOWLEDGE of the LORD, ORANGE is bright and clear. Times like this are when the Mind of Christ is shining into our souls.

PEACH includes attributes of Red and Yellow and White: The Breath of Godís Mercy and the Breath of Godís Grace KISS. Peach is God BREATHING forth the Mind of Christ. Peach is sweetness like a ripe fruitfulness off the Tree.

GOLD: GRACE to YIELD to Godís Glorious Presence. When we are graced to get our oil filled afresh, our lampstand lights up a whole new room with Faith for new levels in God: from Glory to Glory. He purifies everything we yield to Him with His Fire and then hammers it into beautiful things in the Temple of our hearts. Gold is the color that everything turns into by being in Godís Presence and Glory. GOLD represents the Riches and booty we get from the enemies our God conquers on our behalf. Gold is the Glory of Heaven: streets of GOLD. GOLD is the color of our inheritance: His Presence. The closer one gets to the Throne, the more gold is seen. The highway into the Holy of Holies is clear-as-glass GOLD.

AMBER: Includes attributes of Yellow and or Gold and Brown. This is the color of the OIL OF HARVEST. The color of Grace and Repentance: Grace to humble oneís self or repent. Amber is the color of YIELDING to the LORD of the HARVEST. The impartation and anointing to be a laborer in the harvest field is an AMBER YELLOW:

Then He said to His disciples,
The harvest is indeed plentiful,
but the laborers are few.
So pray to the Lord of the harvest
to force out and thrust laborers into His harvest.
Matthew 9:37-38 Amplified Version
See also the attributes of Olive Oil Green.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
Words in these notes are from the rhema journals of Carol Nemitz. More notes can be found at:
Face Book Profile: http://www.facebook.com/carol.nemitz
email: gardenwithgod@yahoo.com


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