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Sticking With A Definitive Style

Nik Helbig

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October 30th, 2011 - 10:46 AM

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Sticking With A Definitive Style

Whether we like it or not, we artists are judged, not by one painting, but by our entire body of work.
If we look throughout history of art, notable paintings of each artist have a special definitive style. It is as if one can paint brilliantly in any genre or theme, but will not get any credibility for one's work unless one has a clear way of executing the art.
Painting is not unlike music. Although, I think that the rules for painters is far more rigid. For example Eric Clapton, will not be recognized for his latest hip-hop album (not like he'd likely make any)... It would be just downright strange!
So here I am, stuck to a way of painting like I have done for the last couple of years.
Sometimes I long to do something different... paint like Van Gogh, or Klimt or do some crazy abstract. I do that in private, and do not exhibit them nowadays. It will just not look right.
I do get most good reviews and sales from painting the figures like I do today. I love them, and I am glad many do too. It also comes easy to me because of practice. I guess being stuck to a style is not a bad thing after all.


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Steve Orin

9 Years Ago

Saint Cloud, FL

I've always refrained from getting nailed into one narrow category. Diversification has a lot going for it. Wider market, less bordom for two. Commercial markets & fine art, two more. I have trubbs doing one thang, one taste, more than a few times in a row. Plus, each time I return to a taste I find I've analyzed it a bit more while away. I think the hind brain does that.