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Store opening and blog beginning....

Christopher Roberts

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January 24th, 2013 - 07:39 PM

Store opening and blog beginning....

I thought I would start this out with a couple of pieces I have written in the past which reveal a little of myself, my journey and my art as I have progressed to this stage in my career as a full-time artist. I chose these writings, not necessarily for their relevance today, but for their relevance at that particular time in my life, contributing to who I am today as an artist . . .

1st Writing

"Not one single religion, language, government, country, culture, or imaginary border has stood the test of time as has Art. Support for this statement is found in some of the great art that exists in the world today; art that has survived the entropy of its surrounding world. This is evident from the discovery of cave paintings that can be dated back to 40,000 plus years. I believe in the reality of this phenomena because art is the only thing that taps into that which is universal and cannot be shared via the ever expanding technological advancements in both the scientific and expressive worlds of communication …

I realized that to call myself an artist would be a slight misnomer. That realization led me to choose the name ‘Christopher’s Visceral Art’ for the title of my business as well as my entire body of work. My work, as the name implies, comes from feelings and emotions that exist as part of me. Intellect has no place in this realm and though we use words to describe these inward feelings and emotions we are not capable of understanding that which is visceral through the intellect espoused via language. For these reasons I will generally only title my work while not giving a description of it. Once my inner world is expressed in the form of a painting the energy that was in me at the time of creation has become a part of that painting and I am not capable of describing it nor telling one that their interpretation of it is right or wrong. I enjoy hearing others reactions to my work and hope that it has the ability to cause a visceral feeling in those who view it.

I have been painting for most of my life yet very few people were aware of this including those close to me. It has been one of the only ways in which I have been able to tap into what exists inside me and I chose to keep this form of expression very private until very recently. When someone sees or purchases my work they are peering into my raw and once secret and private world. This form of exposure has been a journey that while tough at times has also been very cathartic and I hope that my work will cause others to express themselves through the only language we currently know that comes close to relaying that of the visceral which is the expressive language of art."

By Christopher Roberts

2nd Writing

"Yesterday was a good day... great in fact! The residual energy caused by the excitement of what could be stayed with me through my restless sleep. I am now in a beautiful place of vulnerability caused by too little sleep and a mind that rapidly played out my life from beginning to end, but still leaving time for reflection. I love being in this place.  I do not have any emotional shields up that hinder that deep visceral look into myself. I find that I am often deeply connected to the sadness and suffering that seems to be part of  our “nature.” It’s at these moments when I realize it is NOT part of our nature but it IS of our creation. That brief, yet timeless, realization is where I find my happiness, my hope and my inspiration for my work. I have come far in sharing not only my work itself, but also in sharing a little bit about the feelings behind my work when asked. Most of my pieces are like this story.  There is a darkness to all of my work that is often expressed in the brightest of colors; however, that darkness, like this story, is the setting for what I imagine to be the most serene state of being."

By Christopher Roberts

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