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The Artists Talent in the Works of Passion Burning

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May 27th, 2013 - 04:27 AM

The Artists Talent in the Works of Passion Burning

Art of charm is amazing, the art of communication and promotion are not subject to geographical borders, ethnic beliefs, and anything limitations, art is the art world. Around the world, in fact, the formation and development of civilization are inseparable from the art of the charm, art is like a flower fairy, art of the various regions of the flower Sabian the world. North Korea as China's neighbors, with China and Japan, in a simple piece of land has a very glorious folk art, Korean art of painting is the case. North Korea has a very own unique ethnic customs, Korean artists are also great enthusiasm in all the praise of their motherland. In their excellent work, we can experience their enthusiasm, their talent.

oil painting porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists Bo Po Art Network Internet trading platform as a work of art, even art of the world to bring together North Korean painting is one very important one. This "sunset" Landscape painting is described to us the evening sunset view. Gradually weakened the horizon the clouds the sun will burn the red and yellow, showing that the weak dark earth, sky clouds Zhaoying in the water, put the Buddha is also an instant burning lake, great art.

oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous Cui Jinan jade artists born in Korea in 1934, South Hamgyong, 51, was admitted to Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, under the tutelage of Han Shangyi, literature soo to study painting. June 26, 2007 was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist, His resume is rich in artistic works are also very attractive. This "lake" to the color we painted a great impact on the scenery, quiet lake microwave waves, put the Buddha in the lake of burning leaves, the picture looks great color impact.

From two Landscape Oil Painting, we can see that the Korean artist's creative passion. These two works with strong colors and a unique expression of mood, we show the visual impact of the two great works. Cui Jinan artist's talent, like painting the same color in a fiery burning Zhilie.

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