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The Burlington Bristol Bridge in New Jersey

Olivier Le Queinec

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August 17th, 2015 - 12:55 PM

The Burlington Bristol Bridge in New Jersey

If you’re looking for some good old vintage industrial sights to photograph in New Jersey, look no further than the intriguing Burlington-Bristol Bridge crossing the Delaware River in Burlington City, on the West side of Burlington County.

Opened back in 1931, this truss bridge lift span rises up between two towers to allow safe passage to boat traffic underneath. Driving on its two-lane roadway for the first time is an adventure in itself, because this is a very narrow bridge with little room for error: opposing traffic comes quickly and zooms narrowly by your side mirror, while the tall sidewalk on your right leaves no room for escape! To add to the excitement, its open grid steel roadway gently sway your car tires sideways back and forth, while making the most unusual rolling metallic noise.

I think the best view is from Riverbank, off Route 413, in front of the Doane Academy building. If you’re lucky, the sunset will be right behind the bridge, on the Pennsylvania side, with a beautiful reflection on the wide river. You may even be luckier and catch the bridge opening for a big ocean-going cargo ship sailing to or from a port upstream. You’ll know an opening is imminent when you hear the warning siren blaring.

Happy shooting!


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