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The Creative Stuff

Len Sodenkamp

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August 21st, 2010 - 04:58 PM

The Creative Stuff

To have a creative thought and then act on it is the mind moving through solution into form. Over a span of 61 years Iíve come to understand how amazing this process is and give humble thanksgiving for it.

Thoughts are energy simple as that. First it was thought still in solution floating around the mind and then like a seed planted in fertile soil with love it sprouts into life. Creating art is such an amazing example of the process of manifestation. The blank canvas is a trip through a mountain meadow or perhaps the cosmos. I never pass up an opportunity to get on board for that.

Expressing thoughts in 3-D onto a 2-D surface with pigment is sacred.

Len Sodenkamp,

Boise. Idaho,


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Fort Myers, FL

It is nice to know that other artists feel this and recognize that it is the spirit working in and through them that creates beauty. Thanks for sharing!

Len Sodenkamp

6 Years Ago

Boise, ID

Most of the time I think Iím the one doing the work but then I realize someone else is listening and acting upon what I think about. Sometimes I finish a painting and ego creeps in and whispers bet you canít do that again. For a moment I think, can I do that again, then It comes back and I say of course, Iíll just do what I always do and turn it over to the Creative Source. Thanks for your kind and enlightened response. Len

Zanobia Shalks

6 Years Ago

Steamboat Springs, CO

So well said. And then the spirit takes over and there is no limit...