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The Easy Way to Draw Hair

Wendy Froshay

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February 20th, 2010 - 03:30 PM

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The Easy Way to Draw Hair

Drawing Hair is Easier than You Think
Drawing hair can be confusing because we believe that we have to draw each individual hair. At least, that is the way the analytical mind thinks.

Instead, if we use the Creative part of our mind, and look for patterns and shapes, then drawing hair becomes simple, easy and fun.

Simplify what you see by looking for segments and drawing those segments as shapes.

Look for highlights and draw the shape of the highlights.

Squint your eyes to see the shadows shapes and then draw them.

Taming Curly Hair
Simplify curly hair by combining several shadow shapes into one segment, several curls into one larger curl shape and of course, several highlight segments, into one larger highlight shape.

By the way..... This same technique applies when painting hair. In the beginning, simplify and paint just shapes. Only at the end of your painting or drawing should you add the detail of a few individual hairs. The viewer's mind will delight in filling in the details.

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Dale McFarland

12 Years Ago

Sharon, Pa

I break the hair it down into small mass. Each mass has lights and darks. I build drak to light in the mass.

Kevin Callahan

12 Years Ago

Parkville, Mo

Good tips. Since I paint a lot of women hair is pretty central to many of my paintings.

Sue Gill Rose

12 Years Ago

Edmonds, WA

Also, a good thing is to remember that there should be soft edges between the face and the hair--no hard edges as then the hair will look pasted on top.

Centralia, WA