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The Internet is wonderful

Miki De Goodaboom

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November 4th, 2008 - 05:35 AM

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The Internet is wonderful

Yes, the Internet is wonderful, I will never say it often enough! I know, it contains many traps and dangers, but for me, at least, it is simply great!

One month ago I received the following mail:

“Dear Miki,

My name is ….. and I am volunteer for a free newspaper distributed in Costa Rica, Central America that has been created by and for the community with disability, senior citizens and the public in general.

For this months edition, we are celebrating the international day of the senior citizen on the 1st of October. We would like to ask permission to publish your fantastic artwork “Old couple in Lisbon Painting Portugal” to accompany our editorial for this months edition…”

I must say that I am extremely happy and proud that my painting has been chosen to celebrate this day. I have generally a very sweet heart for older people, they deeply move me, I don’t know why… perhaps because I had an intense relationship with both my grandmothers … and can’t stand the thought of them being alone and not cared for… and I hate people using their weakness to steal from and hurt them…

Anyway… It is a fantastic and exciting feeling to know that thanks to the internet, my painting has been published in a newspaper in Costa Rica on this wonderful occasion of celebrating our senior citizens! I received the newspaper by normal mail yesterday... funny to think that my old couple traveled from Portugal to Spain to Costa Rica and back to Spain!
If only this couple knew that they are famous in Costa Rica and probably in the whole world! (I love to dream...)

You can see that painting on the photo of the newspaper, but you can see it better and with my true colours at my place, I have added it there, as well as the short story of the painting.


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