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The Mixed Media Mind

Rebecca Wilson

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October 13th, 2021 - 10:51 AM

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The Mixed Media Mind

My mixed media art room looks like I design for NASA.

Or Nabisco.

Hard to tell…between protractors, engineering templates, plat maps, graham cracker crumbs and half eaten cookies, I turned a master bedroom into an art room and I’m already running out of space.

I’m a sanguine personality type. I live in the moment. If you want something done, ask me to do it today. If you ask me to do it tomorrow, something new will have captured my attention

I need everything at my fingers tips right now. To have to get up out of my chair to find an image that might be somewhere in a box in the other room makes me apoplectic. If I change my focus, even for a second, there is no telling what side hustles are lurking outside my art room, waiting to lure me into their capricious adventures.

I am the plow horse of artists, the ‘timed-test’ proctor of the self-inflicted work-til-its-finished art session, the bleary-eyed occupant of the house with the lights on at 3 am, painting, clipping, measuring, gluing, mixing, arranging.

You would think such perseverance would always pay off.

Not so. I’ve created some stunningly bad work.

When I do, I remember an art teacher who would take a small frame, usually no larger than 5 X 5 and move it around my awful creation until she found what she was looking for and then, as if she had just discovered gold in the Klondike, she would exuberantly exclaim, “AH HA! There it is! The masterpiece within! Work with that, build on it!!

In time, I began to understand she wasn’t as concerned with art perfection as she was about encouraging artists not to be so hard on themselves. Turns out, that’s pretty good advice for everyone.

So now, I accept I will not always like everything about myself, but if I take that little frame and move it around the inner workings of my soul, I will find the little masterpieces within…and I build from there.


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