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The Muse

Jackie Nourigat

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October 9th, 2019 - 07:00 PM

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The Muse

(In loving dedication to
Kapellmeister Johan Sebastian Bach)
(Bach: German for “Stream” – rather be called ‘Ocean’)

The great Masters of Music are like Flowers of rare beauty
That keep on blooming in our Garden of Earth.

Bach is the superb Magnolia
Beethoven is the unrivaled Orchid
Shubert is the gentle Pansy
Handel is the majestic Water Lily
Mozart is the enchanting Narcissus . . .
(and so on).

. . . And still strolling in a Garden of Perennials
From all over the World, to be part
Of the Garland of Live Immortals,
Dvorak is still waiting
To be named after a flower. . .

But you, the quintessential
And blissful spirit of the music they made,
You, the Muse,
You trigger the cords of my violin,
As you frolic to and fro. . .
Without you, none of their works
Would have run a chance to be heard
Tonight at the Symphony.


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