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The winner effect

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June 16th, 2013 - 04:52 AM

The winner effect

In good times and bad it looks like 10% of the galleries do 90% of the business. Similarly, 10% of the artists sell 90% of the art. With the number of folks taking up painting these days and the volume of artists graduating from art schools, this figure may be closer to 1%. In comparison to some other professions, it's pretty depressing. Mind you...

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Chris Bishop

3 Years Ago

Manchester, TN

Are the 10% doing 90% of the sales always the same artists or do they vary over time? Its my understanding that the art market is cyclical so what and/or who is selling now may or may not be selling 6 months from now. Also, I think a lot of the more successful artists have financial backing already. Having support, financial or otherwise, is very important for an artist to succeed which is why most of us have full time jobs to support our passion for creating art.

Tammy Berk

3 Years Ago

Saint Petersburg, FL

I've known people who won at everything they did, "the Midas touch" I call it. But for me, really hard work, thoughtful marketing, great placement, people who stood behind me, and a little luck have made some of my ventures successful and some dismal. These last few years all but convinced me to quit, but once again I am picking myself up and "tacking" s in a slightly different direction. Interesting article.