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Time to Smell the Roses

Ryn Shell

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October 20th, 2017 - 09:37 AM

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Time to Smell the Roses

Time to Smell the Roses, paint, write novels, blog and create video art demonstrations and non-fiction books to teach what I know following a sixty-year successful creative life. But, I'm not done doing as yet, and even though I'm a septuagenarian who no longer needs to work, I never plan on retiring. Another floral masterpiece and a historical fiction novel set in the Third French Empire are both taking shape in my studio. That is why I need to stay connected with others and maintain my life in balance by stopping to smell the roses.

If you check out my art prints, you will see that I paint roses from nature. I grow them in my studio garden. Gardening gives me exercise and is an excellent balance for the many hours a day that I spend writing novels. Today, I am striving to enjoy a balanced life by taking time out to smell the roses.

I love living close to nature.

I surround our home with blooming and edible plants and use plants to climate control, large spreading deciduous trees and creepers cool us in summer and allow the sun to stream in through the windows during the winter months.

I trust my intuitiveness, and while I practice time management principles that have helped me through a busy and productive life, I go with the flow and my feelings wherever possible. I relax and enjoy life. and my spirit is fulfilled through creative endeavour.

Enjoy this pictures of my garden with me. If you know how I could add additional photographs and also a video link to improve this, and my future blogs, I'd be most appreciative if you would let me know.

If you wish to see some of my more developed blogs, check out http://www.inkpour.com which I work along with guest bloggers. It won the Michelle Bridges best blog award. My travel and lifestyle blog is http://www.gray-nomad.com

As you can see by those blogs, I have been blogging for a decade. Problogger has been my adviser during that time. I completed the Thirty Days to a Better Blog initial training a decade ago. I have continued my training in blogging. I'm a novelist, but each aspect of writing is unique, the same as you need different training for each medium of art.

If you wish to be more knowledgeable about blogging, I'd highly recommend https://problogger.com as a starting point. I'm always happy to pass along my knowledge to others, With a sixty-year career as a professional artist and published author behind me, it's time for me to share. If I could add videos to this blog, I would add in some art demonstrations.

There are many ways that you can write blogs. There are few right ways and wrong ways, just blogger preference. I have a love for nature and travel and an interest in country life, and as you can see, my cottage garden. All of these things will spill over into my blog for I'm not striving to write with formality, or as an authoritarian expert on a subject here. I save the tutoring for non-fiction books I write in a pet name, Here is where I can invite my reader into my surroundings and online studio to share the experiences with me. So for those who are wondering what to expect of me, I'll take this relaxed, chatty style on these blogs.

Today, I come here to share the rose blooms on my arbor, and with my mind racing with excitement at the prospect of painting them, and sharing the video of that painting on blogs that allow a video uplift. Unlike with my novels which are heavily edited, I write my blogs, fresh in first draft thoughts. Feel welcome to comment. I'll strive to reply to all friendly comments. I'm not going to reply again to someone suggesting that I should only blog once a month. ;-) One does wonder about the intentions of another wishing you would go and hide. True artists and authors aren't like that, we are all generous by nature and encourage creativity.

Best wishes, and happy creativity to you.:-)

My Australian rural-lit books are available at http://www.rural-lit.com
cheers, Ryn.

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