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To Feel is to Heal Waiting for the World to Change

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September 27th, 2021 - 11:38 AM

To Feel is to Heal  Waiting for the World to Change

The Henrietha - Waiting for the World to Change portrays a life of a Black woman who faces challenges like sexual abuse, discrimination, class, race, and racism as she enters the world of diverse characters. It showcases a powerful story of characters who suffer unimaginable hardships but shows resilience and courage.

The Book Henrietha – Waiting for the World to Change reveals the abuse of a little girl named Ruthie suffered at the hands of her stepfather. Ruthie shows resilience and courage to overcome the dark years of her early life, which proves to be an inspiration to those who have been sexually abused. She runs away and resides with her grandmother "Henrietha," who provides her shelter, support, and protection from the abuse.

This book is a perfect comprehensive healing book for anyone who wants to become more confident, build self-esteem and let go of the regrets, sorrows, or grudges that holds them back. It gives an honest and illuminating look at the soul-shattering effects of sexual abuse.

Overcome the Past Sexual Abuse and Trauma.

Sexual abuse is a terrible thing for anyone to go through, but that doesn't mean you have to live with it. Recovering from the early sexual abuse can be challenging, but it is possible and requires a little courage.

• Recognize the effects of Sexual Abuse: The side effects of sexual abuse can start from trouble sleeping to suicidal thoughts. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to address your fears and traumas and seek professional help.

• Understand the Importance of Healing: Healing is different for everyone. But that is the key to overcoming your past abuse memories. Communicating how you feel can help the survivor take their attention from negativity and focus on what they need.

• Cope with Feelings of Guilt: It is common and natural to start blaming and questioning yourself and wondering if you missed some warning signs. You need to intellectually understand that you are not to blame for the sexual abuse.

• Communicate what you Feel: Understanding the past and allowing yourself to feel is the key to overcoming your past sexual abuse. The Henrietha – Waiting for the World to Change is a book filled with personal experience and professional knowledge that can help ease your healing journey by giving you the courage to discuss what the abuse has caused damage.

• Nurture Yourself: Healing from sexual abuse is a gradual, painful, and slow process. It can get overwhelming sometimes, but taking a positive outlook on what you feel can greatly help you tackle the negative feelings.

• Embrace the Positive Affirmations: Focusing on the subconscious mind begins with thinking "positively." The negative thoughts or inner critic can stir self-sabotage and restrict you from focusing on the positive things.

• Challenge your Sense of Helplessness: Sexual abuse can leave you feeling powerless and vulnerable. It's important to remember that you have coping skills and mechanisms to help you through the hard times. One of the most effective ways to retain your sense of power is by helping others.

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