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Tribute to Whitney Houston

Xueling Zou

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February 25th, 2013 - 03:30 PM

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Tribute to Whitney Houston

Watching "The Bodyguard" in the movie theater, my English was still very limited to understand every piece of the story back then. But I was so moved by Whitney Houston's beauty, talent and emotion expression, especially the song "I Always Love You"! Her singing stuck into my head forever...

I did hear the music of National Anthem before. After the movie, I had found out Whitney Houston's incredible powerful voice in the recording of that song. Her Welcome Home Heroes concert with HBO for the soldiers fighting in the Persian Gulf War and their families made the whole nation feel proud of her. Her concert gave HBO its highest ratings ever after that! Many records of hers not only rocked the music world, and also introduced me into her music world! Since then, I realized I became a fan of hers. I started paying more attention to other kinds of music besides classical, like jazz, blues, etc..

We lost a beautiful artist, a talented singer, and a great performer who had had left countless heartfelt songs behind. As such an inspiration to me, I was honored to able to create this painting of Whitney Houston as as an American icon, for remembering her and her legendary voice for the people who love her all over the world...

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David King

9 Years Ago

Seattle, WA

Awesome tribute to Whitney!