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Upcoming book - Magicvan 3000

Stephane Poirier

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August 3rd, 2022 - 11:39 AM

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Upcoming book - Magicvan 3000

Upcoming book - https://www.magicvan3000.com – to come out in 2023

The Real Queen is the English version of The Real Queen Of England hexalogy defined by the books The Real Queen Of England, An American President, The Real Queen, Magicvan 3000, Surfing On Love, and Transparent SPI. The Quebec series is based on a true story but written as an entertaining fiction mixing, alternately, the American flavors of the languages of Shakespeare and Molière.

Magicvan 3000 tells the story of a native French Canadian DJ and VJ Magicvan3000 when still a minor during the 70's and 80's, Magicvan3000 aka SPI is son of An American President and son of The Real Queen Of England. As a 8 years old youngster, he admired, loved and worked security for his father, manually printing serial numbers on his father's business loyalty paper currency.

SPI, loved magic. He loved playing cards and the magic tricks Quebec Ministry of Justice Judge Anatol was performing to entertain the crowd. From age 10 to 13 he too, practices prestidigitation and performs playing cards tricks. As a young electronic recycler and builder, young carpenter, Lego blocks player and music listening lover, he also enjoys watching movies while dissembling electronics like radios and televisions to reuse circuits and parts to construct physical cardboard car race gaming machines as well as simple electric and electronic communication systems like intercoms, simple radios and recorders as well as public phone answering machines.

Before relocating and making new friends fall 1976, SPI is hard working, simple, honest and a happy camper flooded with so much recycle supplies and recycled parts. When not sleeping nor eating nor at school, he dissembles, builds, draws cartoons, typewrites family newspapers, experiment various chemical reactions in his lab, builds physical wooden go kart by the dozen, builds constantly snow castles and ice rings during winter and so on and on.

For the better or the worst, age 11, a young friend teaches him price tags switching tricks.

From age 11, SPI starts to apply these teaching and becomes successively successful at risky business - stealing Smurfs, switching price tags from Lego blocks purchases and stealing 45 rpm and even large 33 rpm Vinyls.

In 1979, at age 13, he gets cut at his Lego purchase price tag switching trick and this event will change the course of his life forever. Becoming a software writer and DJ/VJ producer from there and walking the path of constantly improving himself and never ever steal any property again and develops very strong ethics.

This story shows how drastically adopting a new behavior is possible and how constantly improving ourselves matters most.




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