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Vegemite Art

Ryn Shell

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October 20th, 2017 - 09:22 AM

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Vegemite Art

June Gover was an amazingly inspiring lady and an artist. The picture above is of a painting of a tree at the entrance to Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia, that was painted with Vegemite paste.

I treasure my memories of June. She passed away recently. This is what I'd written about her in an earlier blog:

June Gover is a sensational senior; she is an amazingly inspiring lady who painted the work in the photo above, using Vegemite, on canvas.
I had the enormous pleasure of meeting and getting to know June Gover and her family on visits to Western Australia.

June is 81years young, and she has refused to give in to her rheumatoid arthritis despite being told about 35 years ago that she would be in a wheelchair in 5 years. She is the mum of one of my very best friends, who tells me with great pride in her mother that her dad used to call her mum, a "Pig-headed Aussie Bitch," said with affection. This is why she drove a car until recently, displaying with humour and pride, the number plate, PHAB.

It was June’s determination not to be beaten, that saw her, even though severely affected with this dreadful rheumatoid arthritis, walk the Busselton jetty much to the admiration of onlookers and the intense pride of her family.

June Gover had always wanted to learn to paint (not an easy task when you cant hold the brushes properly), and her family and I are very proud of her efforts.

June’s children and grandchildren mean the world to her and it is reciprocated. I am told that they feel she is a good friend as well as a good mum and knowing the family, I can vouch for the closeness and love you feel within the close family. June’s daughter tells me that her mum is generous in spirit and actions, as she has been known to go up to strangers, particularly young frazzled mums and give them $50 to treat themselves when she could ill afford to do this.

June has a young outlook on life, and no topic is off limits, I know because I love spending time with this ‘young’ spirited woman. June used to enjoy a nightly nip, not so often now (darn medication) but is allowed to occasionally still have the odd one. June loves to read, enjoys quirky things in the garden (she is looking for a skeleton or mannequin for a bath in the garden at the moment).

I think June’s landscape painted in Vegemite, shows outstanding artistic talent, the light and shade and composition are excellent. Inspiring work, June.

June offered to give me this work. I was so touched by such a generous offer but declined. Not because I did not love the work nor value the generosity of the gift offering, June, but because I did value it so highly that I would not take such a beautiful work away from you or your family. It’s something for you all to treasure, as I will the photo I took of you with your painting you told me was inspired by my work of Brachina Gorge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. June it took me a lot many more years of experience than you have had before I could paint as well as you can. You are fantastic, and I treasure all my memories of meetings with you and your family.

I travel extensively to draw inspiration for my paintings and writing from life experience.
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