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Dawn Vagts

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February 4th, 2013 - 12:30 PM


In my day job, I am also a painter.
A painter of walls.
This past week and a half I've been painting the inside of a new salon in town called Liza & Co. Cool job, "Retro" theme. (The image posted is the after shot, "before" was 50 shades of dirty beige.)
I enjoy wall painting (straight color, nothing fancy) ....but then I don't usually feel like Art painting afterwards. Yah that part has always been tricky for me bridge that gap. The day job and the dream. (oooh the siren song whispering build it and they will come). I keep forgetting to remember that, and believe in that (because I do). And because if I don't CREATE, after awhile life begins to feel pointless and the mind spins and the walls go up ....disclaimers, excuses, protection, hiding. Those walls.
So this has been my conundrum for years. The discipline of the desire paint or not to paint. It's not a question but the answer. Some days. And some days it's mental walls, glass walls ....padded walls. =)
(I'm not crazy, I'm creative.)
I need to start painting my mental walls with bold colors and positive affirmations! Graffiti style! >>Just do it

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