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What colors should we paint with?

Alan Schwartz

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May 27th, 2013 - 03:38 AM

What colors should we paint with?

There is no right or wrong with art...EVER!!!

Will people like what we've created?
Do we like what we've created?

Who cares!!!

The reality is, it doesn't matter one bit. It's only art. It's only an expression of our feelings, right? If it becomes something more than that then good, although in the end it is still just art. It will eventually biodegrade. If it sells, if it doesn't sell, if it sucks, if it doesn't suck, does anyone really give a single rat's ass!!! It is still just art.

The real question is, 'Is it real?'

Were we experiencing the creation or were we spinning in our heads? Did we feel the brush laying liquid hue on the textured canvas? Did we smell the oily Alizarin Crimson, feel the weight of dragging Burnt Sienna, the cold richness of Cobalt Blue? Did it turn us on in the moment, or were we miles away? If not those colors, than what will bring us back to now? What is the right color? What do you feel like right now?

Right now...the color you are thinking of is the color you should use. Stop second guessing yourself. Either be yourself or just kneel before Zod and kiss your ass goodbye. Time is up!


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