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Why Are You Hanging Bad Art On Your Walls

Lisa Smith

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October 8th, 2019 - 03:20 PM

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Why Are You Hanging Bad Art On Your Walls

Excerpt from DecorGirl.net "Many people move into a new home with more or different walls than they had previously and feel the need to buy just any art to fill them. Some of you may not have a clue what art goes with or enhances your interior, this is common too. Most of us have a budget, not an 'artwork budget,' a realistic answer to the question, yet not a viable excuse for hanging lousy art on your walls. If you want to know the remedy (hint: its an inexpensive easy fix) for why you are hanging bad art on your walls, keep reading."

As an interior designer I often come across really crappy art. Mostly because people aren't aware of where they can get great art, art with a soul, art from the artist, for a reasonable price. I recently posted a blog post on my existing blog, DecorGirl.net and featured the work of other artists here on Fine Art America / Pixels as well as other places like Etsy and Ebay.

Art is such a significant element in an interior, it needs to be selected carefully and preferably with interest other than filling a space. I work with clients on there interiors and we find or I create art which makes the entire space unite into a pleasing environment for all who enter. It isn't hard, but is takes though and effort.

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