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Why can't I paint anywhere?

Patty Donoghue

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September 8th, 2019 - 11:55 AM

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Why can

What really should the Studio mean to the Artist creativity?

I was so lucky to get to spend a month in a home of a coastal friend. I painted every day on their back porch. I did not want to in anyway compromise their beautiful home in which they had entrusted to me. So a 99 degree screened in porch seemed ok by me. I loved it and spent hours and hours working there. I would bring in completed pieces so that they would have a better place to dry, but I was cranking them out. I am wondering if my productivity had as much to do with my colorful coastal surroundings or possibly the heat making me delirious to a more creative state of mind. It may be the fact that I had very little else to consume my energy. The pressure to support another human being; AKA my spouse, was absent, but there was also a bit of a pressure to get things done in the short timeframe that I had. I brought with me nearly 20 canvas's and a conglomerate of oil and acrylic paints. No plans or ideas, just a little pressure to get paint on those surfaces.

My home studio is in the basement of an 80 year old house. You can imagine this-maybe. Think of your grandma's or great grandmas basement. That is it. It is private, with not a lot of distractions. I love it when I am working there. I play music and podcasts. I have the slightest fear of getting locked in it and I don't really get any natural light. I have produced some beauties in this space. Maybe it is not the space but the household responsibilities that continue to occupy one side of my brain. I procrastinate going down there, but once I am there, happiness consumes me. The pressure then is not to get the paintings done, it is more what else should I really be doing?

I probably should not be overthinking this. I mean, it is turning into a reason not to go down those stairs. This is the studio I have and until this changes or more opportunities present it is "my space". I am a full time artist with work to get done. I love this life and truly appreciate it. Maybe missing the coast and the new friends I made is really what is going on. Lets play some Bob Dillan and Paint Patty Paint!

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