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Candi Wesaw

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September 27th, 2012 - 06:51 PM


September 27, 2012

Wigwamek (Houses)

Wigwam Ngot – House one
Wigwam Nish – House Two
Bidek - Inside
Wigwamek - Houses
Wakaogon – Long House
Bbon Wigwam – Winter House

Abakweshk Naken – Cattail Mat
Wigwam Ngom – Home Today

This collection of six drawings is from the book about Potawatomi Housing, and I added the titles of the other two that complete the book. This is also an early book, mostly completed in 2002.

In Wigwam Ngot and Wigwam Nish, I imagined how they would look during the building process as well as followed along with what the author had written about this subject.

In Bidek, I wanted to show how cozy our ancestors homes may have been, and included a fire since we are 'the keepers of the fire', and some other items you may have found inside, including how the walls may have looked covered in cattail mats.

Wigwamek is actually from the book the Potawatomi in Illinois, but I liked how well it went with the other drawings from "Houses", so I included it in the six drawings. It illustrates what a small gathering of Wigwamek might have resembled.

Wakaogon shows more permanent housing using longhouses.

Bbon Wigwam illustrates what a cluster of wigwamek may have been like in the winter time.

Abakweshk Naken illustrates the production of cattail mats used to line the wigwamek and other uses inside and out.

Wigwam Ngom is a drawing of the apartment building I saw out of my window, where I lived at the time I completed this book. My building was identical and was a typical apartment building for the times, so I drew it.

I had the feeling that my ancestors helped me decide what to draw on this whole project, but they seemed to give an extra helping hand on these!

There were many things that came to mind while I was drawing this collection, and combating stereotypes was always on my mind. I enjoyed drawing differences in everything, because most of what the world knows about my people has been seen through a narrow perspective. So, rather than draw one wigwam and duplicate it throughout, I drew them using different materials, etc.

One of the pet peeves in Native cultures is that the majority of people actually know so little about us. I feel what is taught those two weeks in Fourth Grade is the bulk of what the majority know about the Indigenous people now called the Americas.
Still today, many people think all Natives lived in teepees, had totem poles in the front yard and are now extinct. It is so sad to me that this is prevalent and I’m pretty sure most Natives have had to explain something about themselves many times in their lives as I have.

I have posted the other two drawings from the Potawatomi Houses book in my gallery for those of you who are collecting the complete series.

The Logo for this Gallery is actually not in the curriculum series but was from another collection of native homes throughout the Americas I drew. I may post them rest of them here eventually if there is an interest in them. Let me know if you'd like to see them!

New galleries and blogs coming soon...Pamadze, Wisnewen Ngot, Wisnewen, Wisnewen Nish, Ke Ngot, Majishke, Zheton Ngot, Zheton Nish, Mtegwab minι Wib, Ke Nish, Nendan, minι Tadi...

Wewene -Candi

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