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World Peace, MOOOving Art Cow, Murchison.

Ryn Shell

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October 20th, 2017 - 09:20 AM

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World Peace, MOOOving Art Cow, Murchison.

Shepparton Victoria and surrounding districts feature M0ooving Art; Fiber Glass Cows decorated by local and internationally renowned artists to celebrate the SheppARTton region's famous dairy heritage.

This is titled, "World Peace Cow," and it is by Artist Sharon Davson and 48 Hours Towards World Peace Volunteers.

This is located in the park beside the Goulburn River in the main street, Stevenson St, Murchison a others in Monash Park Shepparton.
There were 3 MOOOving Art Cows, created for World Peace.

The artist has added a message: Thank you very much for publishing one of my 'cows.' It was a wonderful project, and the cows 'grazing' around Shepparton are a great attraction. I also totally support your encouragement of other artists to learn and develop their art. All the very best,
Sharon Davson

It is a beautiful work, Sharon.

I travel extensively to draw inspiration for my paintings and writing from life experience.
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