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Bill Perkins

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May 26th, 2013 - 07:55 PM


Xx BLOG: The Value Of Money - It Is Not So Much "Cut And Dried"?

The Value Of Money - It Is Not So Much "Cut And Dried"?
By Bill Perkins copyrighted 2013. All the rights are reserved.

You might want to hear from someone such as me? I need then to so be reminded of such then too?

Let us talk so about something that people don't often readily or regularly discuss as an issue: the value of money. It is objectively as a topic usually not up to discussion in most circles of influence for how much it is really worth now is it? It is even considered a very definite thing. But perhaps now all you really need to do with that all is in fact now all agree?

Money - it is a Dope? And a broken thing in Washington surely gets its remedy too in fact? Do you bet so? So that goes!

So it is we don't necessarily see "Eye-to-eye" with the All-Seeing Eye on the Dollar Bill as for it as being "In God We Trust". For such things are up for subjective explorations as like on a topical survey of that same title and in that kind of a vein also? Needless to say one's own personal experience is certainly their absolute own business and if in fact we are on the same page with that perhaps only time will tell? So could you understand or does anyone somehow actually know now where they are with all of that? Does it seem so? So it needs be actually so addressed to initiate a change of history for the facts? Maybe that too helps.

Everyone knows perhaps as well as regularly entertains that the amount of money that money is worth actually changes from the day-to-day as time unfolds from the same sort of a basis. Everyone would like a change as in their own favor in fact? The markets fluctuate as well as the Dollar as an item of valued amount daily and "Another day - another Dollar" too as it is earned. So it goes. But the notion of a certain unchangeable kind of a fixed amount for the whole kind of the Dollar itself is never very real if it continues as such to regularly so much as go on changing? Sure enough!

But - it seems that it may in fact be the holder of a Bill that determines readily the whole amount of it! Do you know this? After all: it is the holder apprehends, judges and decides then just how much it is as a cost to spend in part before it goes with it as a material item of use for whatever it concretely so means? And it is that if they did not it perhaps would even be as void? Or they might hold on to it forever or perhaps not give it out too? Is not that possible somehow too?

Understanding then that the bearer of a note has the rare but real daunting one opportunity to actually so advance or decline the use of its medium of it as an ever present and token amount of important value in the World is paramount as in some many cases of its uses in fact! Therefore in fact you may have its Financial kind of an Artistry?

So that big payoff of a Student Loan is actually an important thing that might be accomplished but throwing more and more money at an adult lifestyle just to stay afloat and becoming desperate to do so as an act of survival is not as much in fact? For "You might Fool all of the people some of the time - but all of the people Fooled all of the time - no"! Which does paraphrase an important 16th office holder of the Presidency - do you too know which also? Or what change it comes in of notes in fact? I do.

Those institutions that make the cost of living as an endless and relentlessly more and more expensive of sorts are perhaps only making the only conclusion of that quite evident: stop the cost, and so give up your life! But that is no real meaningful answer as much to anyone as it becomes a travesty in an equation of that and as so hardly for experienced of some for it too? Don't they know that?

Also a World of turmoil that has no Peace in store for its Citizens as it turns ever onward so to more and more of costs of War and upsets for all in fact is even a further ambition as for super money accounting for the Superman Hero of it as a clerk in its stores as well - and perhaps that too is something we all would agree on? For you see the Superman's World of origination did in fact finally blow up as the story goes? But everything could cost? Just another place to visit in the World of Finances or financial ruin of World as well? I bet!

But most people won't want to go so far? They are just dutifully spending a coin there and another Dollar there for change for a good in fact. And so it goes?


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