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Yahoo 21st Century Logo Design

Yasmin Pattun

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November 6th, 2019 - 12:52 AM

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Yahoo 21st Century Logo Design

Yahoo has undoubtedly seen its golden days in the past. It can be compared to a king who conquered the biggest empire within no time, but failed to save his kingdom from downfall. It still is in the market; however, gone are the days when it used to be the first choice for people to socialize, explore, and post information. Yahoo, analogically, might be going through the phase which can be considered post-traumatic. But until recently, Yahoo has introduced a new design, and has hinted the world that they might bounce back like before.

The logo consists of the word ‘Yahoo’ plus ‘!’ in purple colors, sin serf text type, and ‘Y’ exclamation mark inclined to the right. Every word in the logo is in small letters except the letter ‘Y,’ which is hard to identify as small or capital.
Apart from the logo, it has also but changed the way it used to notify and announce things by using different graphic typography.

Yahoo had gone through makeovers and experiments many times in the past, to get back their status. The CEO was changed and many technological giants were purchased. This somehow managed to get their lost status back, but it did not last for long.

The reasons why yahoo had collapsed, were ‘not going with the trend’ and ‘not thinking ahead.’ Instead of planning in the long run, it only focused on today.

Hopefully, by redesigning their logo in a creative and effective way, they will be successful in bringing back their company to the limelight again.

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