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ZRemesher Trial

Dave Luebbert

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June 28th, 2013 - 10:03 PM

ZRemesher Trial

ZBrush's QRemesher was a great step in simplifying the process of reducing the poly count and making the mesh flow more efficient and logical. The replacement, ZRemesher, is an improvement on QRemesher. There are more options and more functionality with it. I've only read through the "What's New" document on ZRemesher one time, and used what I digested on two models I am working on. The first was a geologic form, a mountainside, with lots of extrusions, gullies, plateaus, and cliffs, and I had pushed the poly number up high using dynamesh for lots of rock surface sculpting. Doing nothing but pressing ZRemesh in its default gave me a relatively low poly count, but very close to the original general form without all the fine surface details. I then tried it again with a higher resulting poly count and the same great result, with just more polys. Drawing in some guide lines with the tool helped with the mesh flow but wasn't really needed.

Next I tried ZRemesher on a human model. I wanted to use the lasso tool to isolate only the head and increase the poly count just for it, and concentrate the polys where I most wanted them. With QRemesh, it was necessary to mask the areas where smaller and more concentrated polys were to be, but the newer version uses colors instead, which I have not tried yet - blue for higher count, red for fewer, I think. I used the lasso tool for the head and after the rest of the body disappeared from view, I drew a few lines where I thought the mesh flow should be contoured, around the eyes, mouth and nose, then pressed ZRemesh. It did a great job of creating a border next to the rest of the invisible model, so there was no visible seam until I zoomed in and saw there were a couple holes, but chalked that up to my inexperience with it. I'll probably figure out what I did wrong there. Still, the seam was hardly noticeable after welding and closing holes. After just one trial with it I was well pleased. There was one thing that stood out with the head afterwards though, and that was the symmetry that made some funny connections down the center of the face unlike the mesh around it. So I tried holding down the alt button while starting ZRemesh and the second type of symmetry occurred and no weird line.

There are other tools in 4.6 that I haven't read about yet, some curve tools and others. Will write about them in due time.


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