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This is a combination chat room / discussion board. It's pretty unique. You can instantly chat with any artist who is currently online, and whatever messages you post will be visible all throughout the day for others to view and respond to.

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Gregory Dubus

9:00:40 AM


June Stolp Garland

2:36:17 PM

Fine Art America is not responding to questions posed regarding product available. I asked about sizing for shirts as well as whether phone cases are soft or hard and received non-answers. Anyone have a contact or information that I can resolve these questions yet today?

June Stolp Garland

6:07:02 PM

Has anyone else had trouble getting paid or notified that sales were being made. I'm beginning to think I am being ripped off by Fine Art America! A sale was made back in May I was not notified and never got paid for it. When I asked all I was told was that PayPal declined the payment with no transaction Id or date, which is what PayPal needs to be able to look into the situation.

Marie Neder

8:04:55 PM

I have www.marie-neder.pixels.com on my friggin' business card and now I can't even access my own account? Please help.

Marie Neder

8:05:23 PM

I need corporate for this one

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