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2018 1-28 Mixed Medium Art Contest

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Delynn Addams

1 Year Ago

2018 1/28 Mixed Medium art contest

2018 1/28 Mixed Medium art contest.

Congratulations to the winners in th 2018 1-28 Mixed Medium art contest where there were 77 Members with 77 Pieces of Artwork in the contest.

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Birch Woods by Lilia D.
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Planet Peony by Terence Davis
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Meadow Sunrise by Dorothy Pugh.
*(4 way tie broken up by time of vote.)
Maple Heights, OH United States
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Discussions board and announcement email with self promotes images.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. There will be more to come.

Best regards,
Art Group Administrator

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Delynn Addams

1 Year Ago

2018 1-28 Mixed Medium Art Group Links.

Wonderful to have everyone posting and joining these contest. Here are some links for your records.


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Delynn Addams

1 Year Ago

Please self promote by posting your entries here.


Terri Waters

1 Year Ago

A new upload for Valentine's Day Art Prints


Christine Dekkers

1 Year Ago

Beach Bug, sculpted with a pallet knife using all organic pigment with the egg tempera process of painting. This lovely beach scene is fun, peaceful and relaxing! Can be seen at the Harbour View Gallery in Cape Coral FL. The square Icon for this represents this work so poorly, looking at it from the square perspective I would never click on it myself. I please you will be able to see it here! :)C
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Barbara Keith

1 Year Ago

Photography Prints
There is ink, graphite, gouache (because you can't use colored pencil on "film") and some watercolor. Loads of fun to do


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