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6:08:29 AM

Patrick Jacquet 

New Submission

Patrick Jacquet added Ocean sailing sunset to the contest!

5:44:50 AM

Christy Usilton 

New Submission

Christy Usilton added Flagler Beach to the contest!

5:38:28 AM

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography 

New Submission

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography added Lovers Overlook to the contest!

5:29:59 AM

Luke Moore 

New Submission

Luke Moore added Soak Up the Sun to the contest!

4:23:18 AM

Sonal Deshmukh 

New Submission

Sonal Deshmukh added beach..... to the contest!

3:23:59 AM

Rita Palm 

New Submission

Rita Palm added High Tide to the contest!

1:51:12 AM

Rhonda Lee 

New Submission

Rhonda Lee added Under The Moon to the contest!

12:39:17 AM

Marianne Campolongo 

New Submission

Marianne Campolongo added Peaceful beach to the contest!

12:34:58 AM

Maritza Tynes 

New Submission

Maritza Tynes added The Shores of Love Beach to the contest!

11:47:41 PM

Sharon Mau 

New Submission

Sharon Mau added Ocean Dreams to the contest!

11:35:38 PM

AnnaJo Vahle 

New Submission

AnnaJo Vahle added Cocoa Beach Birds to the contest!

11:02:59 PM

Padre Art 

New Submission

Padre Art added Fashionable Swimwear 1915 to the contest!

10:58:23 PM

Mike McGlothlen 

New Submission

Mike McGlothlen added Hideaway 2 to the contest!

10:07:49 PM

Jeff Folger 

New Submission

Jeff Folger added Summer is a state of mind to the contest!

9:47:51 PM

Angie Rea 

New Submission

Angie Rea added An Evening Run to the contest!

9:39:39 PM

Jane Schnetlage 

New Submission

Jane Schnetlage added Sea Turtle Island to the contest!

9:36:34 PM

Ella Char 

New Submission

Ella Char added Five O Clock Somewhere to the contest!

9:33:11 PM

Karon Melillo DeVega 

New Submission

Karon Melillo DeVega added On the Boardwalk to the contest!

9:14:03 PM

Kaye Menner 

New Submission

Kaye Menner added Watercolors at the Beach to the contest!

9:01:05 PM

Rod Rust 

New Submission

Rod Rust added Hatteras Light to the contest!

8:31:03 PM

Desline Vitto 

New Submission

Desline Vitto added Pelican Stroll to the contest!

8:18:07 PM

Anna Ruzsan 

New Submission

Anna Ruzsan added Waiting for the Sun to the contest!

8:14:52 PM

Charline Xia 

New Submission

Charline Xia added Sugar Beach Evening to the contest!

8:11:39 PM

Valerie Garner 

New Submission

Valerie Garner added Hawaiian Beach Sunset with Chairs to the contest!

7:27:31 PM

Katie Beougher 

New Submission

Katie Beougher added Look Back Bird to the contest!

7:19:09 PM

Addie Hocynec 

New Submission

Addie Hocynec added Ocean City Morning to the contest!

6:53:12 PM

Hanne Lore Koehler 

New Submission

Hanne Lore Koehler added Cutting The Surf to the contest!

5:47:55 PM

Kim Loftis 

New Submission

Kim Loftis added simple Shell to the contest!

4:07:08 PM

Peter Stevenson 

New Submission

Peter Stevenson added Just You..And Me..Underneath The Love Tree to the contest!

3:59:18 PM

Svetlana Novikova 

New Submission

Svetlana Novikova added Relaxing getaway to the contest!

2:11:43 PM

Dany Lison 

New Submission

Dany Lison added Portovenere at Night to the contest!

12:01:27 PM

Andrew Faulkner 

New Submission

Andrew Faulkner added passage to the contest!

11:11:36 AM

Mike Nellums 

New Submission

Mike Nellums added A Painting Palm Trees Florida to the contest!

10:55:29 AM

Joan Minchak 

New Submission

Joan Minchak added Katie and the Beach to the contest!

10:18:03 AM

Carolyn Doe 

New Submission

Carolyn Doe added boats at sea to the contest!

10:02:44 AM

Valerie Ornstein 

New Submission

Valerie Ornstein added Fisher Village to the contest!

9:33:36 AM

Susan Gibbons 

New Submission

Susan Gibbons added Tumblin' Wave to the contest!

9:13:57 AM

Sheila Diemert 

New Submission

Sheila Diemert added The Beach to the contest!

8:29:20 AM

John Malone Fine Arts 

New Submission

John Malone Fine Arts added Cool Beach Merchant to the contest!

7:52:19 AM

Susan Plenzick 

New Submission

Susan Plenzick added Soft Seabreeze to the contest!

3:34:31 AM

Thomas J Norbeck 

New Submission

Thomas J Norbeck added Wind Surfer to the contest!

3:16:01 AM

Priya Ghose 

New Submission

Priya Ghose added To Walk On The Sky to the contest!

2:35:16 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Nelsons View of Freedom to the contest!

1:48:34 AM

Mary Deal 

New Submission

Mary Deal added Waikiki Fun Boats to the contest!

1:18:11 AM

Dave Glover 

New Submission

Dave Glover added Gull at the beach to the contest!

12:41:55 AM

JoNeL Art 

New Submission

JoNeL Art added Beach Blue to the contest!

11:36:21 PM

Robin Kirkpatrick 

New Submission

Robin Kirkpatrick added High Seas to the contest!

10:47:20 PM

Richard Bryce and Family 

New Submission

Richard Bryce and Family added Waiting for the Wave to the contest!

10:32:18 PM

Joann Copeland-Paul 

New Submission

Joann Copeland-Paul added Grand Traverse Bay Beach-Michigan to the contest!

10:27:48 PM

Jenny Fish 

New Submission

Jenny Fish added Easy to the contest!

10:13:27 PM

Elizabeth Winter 

New Submission

Elizabeth Winter added Polihale State Park to the contest!

9:46:16 PM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Aruba to the contest!

9:43:29 PM

Teresa Wegrzyn 

New Submission

TERESA WEGRZYN added OCEANSCAPE to the contest!

9:00:37 PM

John Dunn 

New Submission

John Dunn added San Clemente Pier View to the contest!

4:55:12 PM

Peg Urban 

New Submission

Peg Urban added Final Touch to the contest!

4:35:20 PM

Sally Weigand 

New Submission

Sally Weigand added Ke'e Beach overview to the contest!

3:27:09 PM

Claudio Bacinello 

New Submission

Claudio Bacinello added On The Beach to the contest!

2:44:24 PM

Chris Tarpening 

New Submission

Chris Tarpening added Malibu Paradise to the contest!

2:12:14 PM

Christine Stack 

New Submission

Christine Stack added Just Resting to the contest!

1:44:27 PM

Steven Lapkin 

New Submission

Steven Lapkin added Riva Venice to the contest!

10:41:33 AM

Diane Lent 

New Submission

Diane Lent added Sleeping Bear Dunes to the contest!

10:40:44 AM

Dave Dilli 

New Submission

Dave Dilli added Beach Fun to the contest!

8:28:06 AM

Terence Davis 

New Submission

Terence Davis added Penguin's of Africa to the contest!

6:52:27 AM

Jacqi Elmslie 

New Submission

Jacqi Elmslie added Horgabost Beach Harris to the contest!

8:33:06 PM

Belinda Low 

New Submission

Belinda Low added Cold Sea on a Sunny Day to the contest!

7:20:12 PM

Arlene Carmel 

New Submission

Arlene Carmel added At The Beach to the contest!

5:36:18 PM

Susan Wyman 

New Submission

Susan Wyman added The Boat Race to the contest!

4:05:43 PM

Jill Baum 

New Submission

Jill Baum added Coquille River Lighthouse 2 to the contest!

3:54:22 PM

Stephen Anderson 

New Submission

Stephen Anderson added A Perfect Beach to the contest!

3:12:52 PM

Lesley McCormack 

New Submission

Lesley McCormack added chatting on the beach to the contest!

12:55:15 PM

Chad Berglund 

New Submission

Chad Berglund added Tunnels Beach to the contest!

10:55:49 AM

Jill Mitchell 

New Submission

Jill Mitchell added Ready For The Beach to the contest!

7:18:26 AM

Kathy Collier 

New Submission

Kathy Collier added Morning on the Beach to the contest!

11:17:06 PM

Lisa Piper 

New Submission

Lisa Piper added Miami 1950's now to the contest!

9:19:50 PM

Ian MacDonald 

New Submission

Ian MacDonald added Ripples to the contest!

9:18:13 PM

Leslie Leda 

New Submission

Leslie Leda added Sail Away to the contest!

9:16:07 PM

Susan McKenzie 

New Submission

Susan McKenzie added Young Couple In Love Walking On The Beach With Golden Retriever to the contest!

8:37:53 PM

Jamie Lynn Morris 

New Submission

Jamie Lynn Morris added Venice Beach to the contest!

7:46:27 PM

John Cocchi 

New Submission

John Cocchi added Dreamy Afternoon to the contest!

6:18:47 PM

Sharin Gabl 

New Submission

Sharin Gabl added Key West Sunset to the contest!

4:12:34 PM

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art Visit ALMGallerydotcom 

New Submission

Aimee L Maher Photography and Art Visit ALMGallerydotcom added Treasure Island to the contest!

2:00:04 PM

Racquel Morgan 

New Submission

Racquel Morgan added Seagrove Beach Florida to the contest!

1:19:56 PM

Brian Roscorla 

New Submission

Brian Roscorla added Cornish Seascape Maenporth to the contest!

9:25:37 AM

Jan Prewett 

New Submission

Jan Prewett added Beach Cottage Clothesline to the contest!

8:23:54 AM

Daniel Streitmatter 

New Submission

Daniel Streitmatter added Salt Life to the contest!

12:33:08 AM

Maciek Froncisz 

New Submission

Maciek Froncisz added Shout Of A Seagull to the contest!

11:58:27 PM

Chris Andruskiewicz 

New Submission

Chris Andruskiewicz added Rainbow Beach II to the contest!

10:06:37 PM

Holly Martinson 

New Submission

Holly Martinson added Cotton Candy Sky to the contest!

8:42:40 PM

Baslee Troutman 

New Submission

Baslee Troutman added Blue Green Sea Glass Beach Coastal Seaglass to the contest!

8:10:44 PM

Tara Harper 

New Submission

Tara Harper added Dream On to the contest!

7:55:55 PM

Jack Schultz 

New Submission

Jack Schultz added McWay Falls to the contest!

7:54:26 PM

Eve Spring 

New Submission

Eve Spring added Ghost Crab to the contest!

3:58:20 PM

Maureen Lovell 

New Submission

Maureen Lovell added Dreaming of the Shore to the contest!

12:47:02 PM

Madeline Ellis 

New Submission

Madeline Ellis added End of the Day to the contest!

11:37:07 AM

Bob Christopher 

New Submission

Bob Christopher added Surfer Girl to the contest!

4:39:41 AM

William Griffin 

New Submission

William Griffin added Fading Away to the contest!

4:02:44 AM

Mario Legaspi 

New Submission

Mario Legaspi added sunrise to the contest!

1:40:21 AM

Chris Berry 

New Submission

Chris Berry added 537 cf Five Sailboats to the contest!

12:57:58 AM

Merton Allen 

New Submission

Merton Allen added Kite Boarding in Boca Raton Florida to the contest!

10:08:36 PM

Patricia Awapara 

New Submission

Patricia Awapara added Endurance to the contest!