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Contest - Old Barns






6:55:55 AM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added Gracefully Aging to the contest!

5:51:36 AM

Eric Gendron 

New Submission

Eric Gendron added Winter in Dover to the contest!

3:09:59 AM

Kaye Menner 

New Submission

Kaye Menner added Old Barn in Lush Green Countryside to the contest!

11:32:11 PM

Cricket Hackmann 

New Submission

Cricket Hackmann added Four Corners Quilt Barn to the contest!

11:24:07 PM

Wayne Stabnaw 

New Submission

Wayne Stabnaw added FALL ON THE FARM to the contest!

11:11:53 PM

Steven Ainsworth 

New Submission

Steven Ainsworth added Wine Country Barn to the contest!

11:07:38 PM

Susan Richardson 

New Submission

Susan Richardson added Mending The Nets to the contest!

11:04:17 PM

Jerry Fornarotto 

New Submission

Jerry Fornarotto added Barn and Tetons to the contest!

10:27:16 PM

Carol Wisniewski 

New Submission

Carol Wisniewski added A Scottish Farm to the contest!

10:05:12 PM

Laura Hamill 

New Submission

Laura Hamill added Wood Barn at Lake Tahoe to the contest!

10:05:07 PM

Christine Burdine 

New Submission

Christine Burdine added Not much to see in Adams County to the contest!

10:01:12 PM

Judith A Cahill 

New Submission

Judith A Cahill added Barns to the contest!

9:58:57 PM

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography 

New Submission

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography added Eastern PA Farm to the contest!

9:13:29 PM

Anna Lisa Yoder 

New Submission

Anna Lisa Yoder added Old Pennsylvania Barn with Hex Signs to the contest!

9:08:16 PM

Sharon Blanchard 

New Submission

Sharon Blanchard added Taking No Chances to the contest!

8:42:24 PM

Patrick Macdonald 

New Submission

Patrick Macdonald added Hanging on to the contest!

8:33:56 PM

Amber Kresge 

New Submission

Amber Kresge added Overgrown to the contest!

8:28:30 PM

Trent Mallett 

New Submission

Trent Mallett added blue sky barn to the contest!

8:08:14 PM

Pixel Perfect by Michael Moore 

New Submission

Pixel Perfect by Michael Moore added The broad side of a... to the contest!

7:38:48 PM

Brian Stevens 

New Submission

Brian Stevens added Weathered Wood to the contest!

7:36:05 PM

Nola Lee Kelsey 

New Submission

Nola Lee Kelsey added Old Style Barn to the contest!

7:20:44 PM

Ken Smith 

New Submission

Ken Smith added Two Trains Passing by the Barn to the contest!

7:04:58 PM

Gail Matthews 

New Submission

Gail Matthews added Barn old rusted and deserted to the contest!

6:43:56 PM

Carolyn Doe 

New Submission

Carolyn Doe added old palouse barn to the contest!

6:30:39 PM

Susan McKenzie 

New Submission

Susan McKenzie added Log Entrance To Grass Fed Angus Beef Ranch to the contest!

5:22:27 PM

Robert Sander 

New Submission

Robert Sander added Weathered Barn to the contest!

4:49:48 PM

Donna Smith 

New Submission

Donna Smith added Barn through Trees to the contest!

4:25:23 PM

Jahred Allen 

New Submission

Jahred Allen added Spring Farm to the contest!

3:38:35 PM

Leonard Franckowiak 

New Submission

Leonard Franckowiak added Snowed In to the contest!

2:57:57 PM

Joseph Coulombe 

New Submission

Joseph Coulombe added Springtime in Volcano California to the contest!

2:07:45 PM

Greg Jackson 

New Submission

Greg Jackson added Forlorn Barn to the contest!

1:44:48 PM

Lyle Crump 

New Submission

Lyle Crump added Barn in the Field 2 WC to the contest!

12:51:09 PM

Dorothy Maier 

New Submission

Dorothy Maier added The Barn at the Farm to the contest!

12:26:58 PM

Sean Griffin 

New Submission

Sean Griffin added Twin Barns on an Autumn Afternoon to the contest!

11:10:56 AM

Marcia Colelli 

New Submission

Marcia Colelli added Country Sunrise to the contest!

10:19:11 AM

Ann Horn 

New Submission

Ann Horn added Autumn Barn to the contest!

10:01:56 AM

Sharon Duguay 

New Submission

Sharon Duguay added Old Barn Guardian to the contest!

9:50:51 AM

Birgit Tyrrell 

New Submission

Birgit Tyrrell added Old Broken Barn to the contest!

9:42:34 AM

STRega Wise 

New Submission

STRega Wise added Rural Decay to the contest!

9:20:44 AM

Barbara Dean 

New Submission

Barbara Dean added Deserted Kansas Barn to the contest!

8:36:13 AM

Barbara Giuliano 

New Submission

Barbara Giuliano added A Place in Time to the contest!

1:21:31 AM

Guy Harnett 

New Submission

Guy Harnett added Americana In New York to the contest!

12:37:28 AM

Charles Robinson 

New Submission

Charles Robinson added A Prosser Barn to the contest!

11:24:08 PM

Alexandra Jordankova 

New Submission

Alexandra Jordankova added Barn and Farm Animals to the contest!

11:09:22 PM

David Bearden 

New Submission

David Bearden added Michigan Dawn to the contest!

10:40:45 PM

Richard Reeve 

New Submission

Richard Reeve added Winter Barn to the contest!

10:30:00 PM

Gwen Rose 

New Submission

Gwen Rose added History by the Wayside to the contest!

9:13:53 PM

Mary Carol Story 

New Submission

Mary Carol Story added Winter Barn 2 - Black and White to the contest!

8:36:59 PM

Cheryl Cencich 

New Submission

Cheryl Cencich added Old dreams to the contest!

8:16:22 PM

Tom Druin 

New Submission

Tom Druin added across the sky to the contest!

7:59:38 PM

Michelle Nixon 

New Submission

Michelle Nixon added Forgotten to the contest!

7:55:43 PM

Steven Reed 

New Submission

Steven Reed added Barn in the Snow to the contest!

7:42:18 PM

Robert Nelms 

New Submission

Robert Nelms added Old Barn to the contest!

6:54:54 PM

Connie Fox 

New Submission

Connie Fox added Old Barn and Texaco Sign to the contest!

6:41:22 PM

Barbara McMahon 

New Submission

Barbara McMahon added Stacked Block Barn to the contest!

6:13:57 PM

John Svenson 

New Submission

John Svenson added Early Morning to the contest!

5:28:04 PM

Jonathan Virgie 

New Submission

Jonathan Virgie added Tennessee Barn to the contest!

5:12:42 PM

Donna Spadola 

New Submission

Donna Spadola added Barn to the contest!

4:35:32 PM

Tracy Welker 

New Submission

Tracy Welker added Rustic Barn to the contest!

4:15:45 PM

Vivian Markham 

New Submission

Vivian Markham added Bygone Barn to the contest!

2:49:32 PM

Elena Sokolova 

New Submission

Elena Sokolova added Window to the contest!

1:49:34 PM

Phyllis Denton 

New Submission

Phyllis Denton added A Desert Barn to the contest!

1:27:39 PM

Gary Slawsky 

New Submission

Gary Slawsky added Weathered Barn to the contest!

1:21:25 PM

Tim Wilson 

New Submission

Tim Wilson added Fading to the contest!

12:25:40 PM

Magi Yarbrough 

New Submission

Magi Yarbrough added Old barn in a field to the contest!

12:02:26 PM

Kurt Van Wagner 

New Submission

Kurt Van Wagner added Old Barn Las Trampas New Mexico to the contest!

9:43:16 AM

Steve Ratliff 

New Submission

Steve Ratliff added Dutcherville to the contest!

8:27:15 AM

Ryan Burton 

New Submission

Ryan Burton added Winter Barn to the contest!

7:46:45 AM

Loretta Pokorny 

New Submission

Loretta Pokorny added Country Perspective to the contest!

6:05:47 AM

Bedford Shore Photography 

New Submission

Bedford Shore Photography added Old Barn to the contest!

1:41:36 AM

Gunter Nezhoda 

New Submission

Gunter Nezhoda added Red Barn to the contest!

10:23:07 PM

Heather Applegate 

New Submission

Heather Applegate added A Quilted Barn to the contest!

10:20:31 PM

Robert Culver 

New Submission

Robert Culver added Working Farm to the contest!

10:10:26 PM

Donna Tuten 

New Submission

Donna Tuten added Mulberry Farms Grainery to the contest!

9:19:48 PM

Richard Larson 

New Submission

Richard Larson added Rawson's Barn to the contest!

8:55:27 PM

Lloyd Alexander 

New Submission

Lloyd Alexander added Old Farm to the contest!

8:38:09 PM

Amy Hosp 

New Submission

Amy Hosp added Wooden Barn to the contest!

8:11:54 PM

Katie Wing Vigil 

New Submission

Katie Wing Vigil added Old Oregon Barn to the contest!

6:41:59 PM

Art Dingo 

New Submission

Art Dingo added Countryside to the contest!

6:38:39 PM

Pamela Powers 

New Submission

Pamela Powers added Simple Elegance to the contest!

6:17:07 PM

John Greim 

New Submission

John Greim added Rustic Barn to the contest!

4:38:11 PM

Beth Sargent 

New Submission

Beth Sargent added Yellow Barn to the contest!

3:42:25 PM

Cory Calantropio 

New Submission

Cory Calantropio added Old Westsound to the contest!

2:38:15 PM

Lara Ellis 

New Submission

Lara Ellis added Shenandoah Barn Reflection to the contest!

12:41:28 PM

Sharon Costa 

New Submission

Sharon Costa added Lightning Rods to the contest!

11:38:21 AM

Brenda Owen 

New Submission

Brenda Owen added The Barn At Dusk to the contest!

10:41:31 AM

Jeffrey Koss 

New Submission

Jeffrey Koss added Pennsylvania Tobacco Barn to the contest!

10:30:13 AM

Geoffrey Coelho 

New Submission

Geoffrey Coelho added Blue Shed to the contest!

10:04:27 AM

Christine Drake 

New Submission

Christine Drake added Time Stands Still to the contest!

5:41:31 AM

Christy Usilton 

New Submission

Christy Usilton added Fence Along the Road to the contest!

11:05:16 PM

Jeff Swanson 

New Submission

Jeff Swanson added Another Barn Photo to the contest!

10:59:23 PM

Tony Colvin 

New Submission

Tony Colvin added Barn with Character to the contest!

10:26:02 PM

Karon Melillo DeVega 

New Submission

Karon Melillo DeVega added Squires Herefords by the Rustic Barn to the contest!

7:48:11 PM

Brenda Conrad 

New Submission

Brenda Conrad added Simply Framed to the contest!

6:11:32 PM

Jim Painter 

New Submission

Jim Painter added Old Barn 1 to the contest!

4:02:37 PM

K M Pawelec 

New Submission

K M Pawelec added Country sentinel to the contest!

3:20:57 PM

Vilas Malankar 

New Submission

Vilas Malankar added Old Barn to the contest!

3:08:19 PM

Dany Lison 

New Submission

Dany Lison added Moulton Barn to the contest!

3:00:19 PM

Cathi Abbiss Crane 

New Submission

Cathi Abbiss Crane added Rusted Roof to the contest!

1:48:31 PM

Irina Hays 

New Submission

Irina Hays added Old Barn 3 to the contest!