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11:18:55 AM

Jane Biven 

New Submission

Jane Biven added Desert Canyon to the contest!

10:34:33 AM

Marie-Line Vasseur 

New Submission

Marie-Line Vasseur added Renee's commision to the contest!

9:19:00 AM

Pat Purdy 

New Submission

Pat Purdy added Canyon of Gold to the contest!

7:01:08 AM

Francisco Little 

New Submission

Francisco Little added Global Warming to the contest!

6:32:13 AM

Russell Clenney 

New Submission

Russell Clenney added Curl to the contest!

4:24:11 AM

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch 

New Submission

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch added 504 - Patterns 2017 to the contest!

8:35:30 PM

Joseph Baril 

New Submission

Joseph Baril added Erupting Lava Meets The Sea to the contest!

8:22:58 PM

Iris Gill 

New Submission

Iris Gill added Universe to the contest!

5:34:44 PM

Debbie Wassmann 

New Submission

Debbie Wassmann added Blue Yellow Doodle to the contest!

2:09:42 PM

The Artist Project 

New Submission

The Artist Project added Death Of The Song Bird to the contest!

12:50:20 PM

Emmanuel Aderele 

New Submission

Emmanuel Aderele added Festival of Love to the contest!

11:05:09 AM

Cherise Foster 

New Submission

Cherise Foster added Flamenco to the contest!

10:53:10 AM

Michael Hickey 

New Submission

Michael Hickey added Tempest to the contest!

8:56:14 AM

Ismeta Gruenwald 

New Submission

Ismeta Gruenwald added emotion 2 to the contest!

6:31:05 AM

James Neeley 

New Submission

James Neeley added Blue Horizon to the contest!

1:38:59 AM

Phyllis Howard 

New Submission

Phyllis Howard added Grounded to the contest!

12:34:58 AM

Jennifer Lynn Butler 

New Submission

Jennifer Lynn Butler added c3 to the contest!

6:54:02 PM

Michelle Grove 

New Submission

Michelle Grove added Nerve Tree to the contest!

4:56:18 PM

Jean Moore 

New Submission

Jean Moore added Its Complicated to the contest!

3:23:43 PM

Barbara Pirkle 

New Submission

Barbara Pirkle added Abstract Reflections to the contest!

2:27:30 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Photosynthesis by jammer to the contest!

12:24:19 PM

Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt 

New Submission

Gretchen Ten Eyck Hunt added Casino to the contest!

11:18:38 AM

James Hammen 

New Submission

James Hammen added Impressionistic Forest to the contest!

10:58:55 AM

Steve Karol 

New Submission

Steve Karol added Prelude to a Dream to the contest!

3:39:24 PM

Fawn Whelahan 

New Submission

Fawn Whelahan added Prairie Ponies to the contest!

1:26:23 PM

ED Setien 

New Submission

ED Setien added Spirits in love to the contest!

12:20:46 PM

Gordon Lavender 

New Submission

Gordon Lavender added Jumbo Koi Bekko to the contest!

11:16:15 AM

Susan A Becker 

New Submission

Susan A Becker added Life Force to the contest!

5:05:23 AM

Waldemar Szysz 

New Submission

Waldemar Szysz added Edelmiro Ed Abad to the contest!

3:30:37 AM

Paulette Ingersoll 

New Submission

Paulette Ingersoll added Night to Day to the contest!

3:03:36 AM

Alfredo Gonzalez 

New Submission

Alfredo Gonzalez added Pangometry #11 - Inner eyes to the contest!

6:36:51 PM

David Dehner 

New Submission

David Dehner added Abstract He Comes For Me to the contest!

6:36:27 PM

Lisa Kramer 

New Submission

Lisa Kramer added Encaustic Nebula to the contest!

2:58:48 PM

Larisa Karpova 

New Submission

LARISA KARPOVA added Fantastic Red Abstraction of lines to the contest!

2:34:21 PM

Angela Stanton 

New Submission

Angela Stanton added The Contagion of Laughter to the contest!

2:02:20 PM

Debbie DeWitt 

New Submission

Debbie DeWitt added Spa Abstract 1 to the contest!

11:51:19 AM

Piotr Antonow 

New Submission

Piotr Antonow added Bottle and guitar to the contest!

8:49:28 AM

Fli Art 

New Submission

Fli Art added Backdrop to the contest!

8:30:41 AM

Chowdary V Arikatla 

New Submission

Chowdary V Arikatla added 0694 Abstract Thought to the contest!

6:01:31 AM

Mini Arora 

New Submission

Mini Arora added Dreamer to the contest!

2:02:37 AM

Barron Holland 

New Submission

Barron Holland added Swirl to the contest!

1:55:38 AM

Bernie Bishop 

New Submission

Bernie Bishop added a web of lies to the contest!

10:11:57 PM

Annette Jimerson 

New Submission

Annette Jimerson added Doorways to the contest!

7:53:14 PM

Mary Sullivan 

New Submission

Mary Sullivan added LIfe Force to the contest!

7:50:08 PM

Walter Mead 

New Submission

Walter Mead added pocket of jewels to the contest!

7:46:13 PM

Mathilde Vhargon 

New Submission

Mathilde Vhargon added SWEET and SPICY to the contest!

6:57:51 PM

Donna Smith 

New Submission

Donna Smith added Playground to the contest!

6:39:17 PM

Jan Steadman-Jackson 

New Submission

Jan Steadman-Jackson added Pinball to the contest!

6:26:32 PM

Inna Montano 

New Submission

Inna Montano added abstract branch to the contest!

5:51:01 PM

Megan Washington 

New Submission

Megan Washington added Green to the contest!

5:31:39 PM

Terrance Prysiazniuk 

New Submission

Terrance Prysiazniuk added Blinded to the contest!

4:44:33 PM

Mohamed KHASSIF 

New Submission

Mohamed KHASSIF added Composition bl to the contest!

2:49:42 PM

Marie Jamieson 

New Submission

Marie Jamieson added Ocean Life Abstract to the contest!

2:46:55 PM

Christine Perry 

New Submission

Christine Perry added Walking Toward The Light to the contest!

1:35:35 PM

Shelli Finch 

New Submission

Shelli Finch added Sunshine Serenade to the contest!

1:07:47 PM

Lenore Senior 

New Submission

Lenore Senior added Anger with a Touch of Mellow to the contest!

12:50:35 PM

Liubov Meshulam Lemkovitch 

New Submission

Liubov Meshulam Lemkovitch added Abstract 1 to the contest!

12:43:26 PM

Michael Scullari 

New Submission

Michael Scullari added Forrester to the contest!

12:37:19 PM

Florin Birjoveanu 

New Submission

Florin Birjoveanu added New Level to the contest!

12:35:10 PM

Carolyn Repka 

New Submission

Carolyn Repka added Colors of the Southwest to the contest!

12:32:33 PM

Ana Maria Edulescu 

New Submission