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Contest - Abstracts That Appear To Vibrate






8:44:20 PM

Jamie Frier 

New Submission

Jamie Frier added Colorful to the contest!

8:32:11 PM

John Kolenberg 

New Submission

John Kolenberg added little green men to the contest!

8:27:24 PM

Allan Rothman 

New Submission

Allan Rothman added Manhattan Island to the contest!

8:07:13 PM

Connie Fox 

New Submission

Connie Fox added Dizzy Life Abstract to the contest!

7:53:35 PM

Freddie Lieberman 

New Submission

Freddie Lieberman added Coral Nebula #2 to the contest!

7:45:53 PM

Rose Santuci-Sofranko 

New Submission

Rose Santuci-Sofranko added Olympic Torch Fractal 159 to the contest!

7:44:05 PM

Barbara McDevitt 

New Submission

Barbara McDevitt added Sparkle to the contest!

7:20:11 PM

Dennis Lundell 

New Submission

Dennis Lundell added Crystal Flux to the contest!

6:55:59 PM

Tamas Virag 

New Submission

Tamas Virag added Abstract City Lights to the contest!

6:46:45 PM

Patricia Holmberg 

New Submission

Patricia Holmberg added Pahoehoe to the contest!

6:40:54 PM

Maynard Ellis 

New Submission

Maynard Ellis added Electric Blue Frisson to the contest!

6:35:45 PM

Andreas Thust 

New Submission

Andreas Thust added True Brilliance to the contest!

6:28:38 PM

James W Johnson 

New Submission

James W Johnson added Paint number 47 to the contest!

5:56:56 PM

Sherry Shipley 

New Submission

Sherry Shipley added Balloons to the contest!

5:40:52 PM

Stephen Anderson 

New Submission

Stephen Anderson added Positive Vibrations to the contest!

5:26:36 PM

Roy Erickson 

New Submission

Roy Erickson added Before the Throne to the contest!

4:30:58 PM

Kenny Francis 

New Submission

Kenny Francis added Abstract 32 to the contest!

3:48:40 PM

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott 

New Submission

Absinthe Art By Michelle LeAnn Scott added The Sages to the contest!

3:25:00 PM

Paul Wear 

New Submission

Paul Wear added All Dat Jazz to the contest!

3:02:50 PM

Kip Krause 

New Submission

Kip Krause added Wave of Color to the contest!

2:31:09 PM

Gail Matthews 

New Submission

Gail Matthews added Pick up Sticks Splatter Shake to the contest!

2:14:10 PM

Jovica Kostic 

New Submission

Jovica Kostic added Big Bang to the contest!

1:34:42 PM

Nina Stavlund 

New Submission

Nina Stavlund added Green Velvet... to the contest!

12:53:41 PM

Shirley Sirois 

New Submission

Shirley Sirois added Fluttering Heart to the contest!

12:23:11 PM

RL Rucker 

New Submission

RL Rucker added The Relay to the contest!

11:43:39 AM

Erika Pochybova 

New Submission

Erika Pochybova added That's Life to the contest!

11:42:43 AM

Sydne Archambault 

New Submission

Sydne Archambault added Spontaneous Combustion to the contest!

11:33:45 AM

Elli Kraizberg 

New Submission

Elli Kraizberg added Contours to the contest!

10:33:11 AM

Jane Schnetlage 

New Submission

Jane Schnetlage added baby elephant abstract to the contest!

8:57:03 AM

David Birchall 

New Submission

David Birchall added Savage Roses to the contest!

7:41:33 AM

Sonya Wilson 

New Submission

Sonya Wilson added Royal to the contest!

7:04:26 AM

Michelle Wrighton 

New Submission

Michelle Wrighton added Whispers on the Wind to the contest!

6:27:58 AM

Chevy Fleet 

New Submission

Chevy Fleet added Abstract Background - Citylights at Night to the contest!

4:57:53 AM


New Submission

Nandan NAGWEKAR added Juxtaposition to the contest!

3:40:17 AM

Hannes Cmarits 

New Submission

Hannes Cmarits added a rainy day in new york to the contest!

2:45:06 AM

Nataliya Kiryukhina 

New Submission

Nataliya Kiryukhina added Water curtain to the contest!

2:33:57 AM

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch 

New Submission

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch added 835 - Stellar Dream to the contest!

11:05:37 PM

Landry McKee 

New Submission

Landry McKee added Trees to the contest!

10:19:01 PM

Megen McAuliffe 

New Submission

Megen McAuliffe added Green Waves to the contest!

10:11:02 PM

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis 

New Submission

Kathy Peltomaa Lewis added Splash to the contest!

9:27:44 PM

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography 

New Submission

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography added Fall Foliage to the contest!

9:23:44 PM

Mr Dill 

New Submission

Mr Dill added Reflections to the contest!

8:23:34 PM

JoNeL Art 

New Submission

JoNeL Art added Digital Blue to the contest!

8:22:46 PM

Yoandy Rodriguez 

New Submission

Yoandy Rodriguez added The Apple to the contest!

7:48:10 PM

John Hines 

New Submission

John Hines added Voodooville to the contest!

7:35:40 PM

Martina Rathgens 

New Submission

Martina Rathgens added Timeline to the contest!

7:28:07 PM

Larry Ward 

New Submission

Larry Ward added Cosmic Series 006 - Under the Sea to the contest!

6:57:42 PM

Brent Dolliver 

New Submission

Brent Dolliver added Refraction to the contest!

5:41:15 PM

Paul Pulszartti 

New Submission

Paul Pulszartti added The tree of ages. to the contest!

1:11:07 PM

Judyann Matthews 

New Submission


11:10:37 AM

Jo Sheehan 

New Submission

Jo Sheehan added Koi Dance to the contest!

11:08:27 AM

Laxmikant Chaware 

New Submission

Laxmikant Chaware added Erupting flares from the surface of the sun to the contest!

9:03:14 AM

Michael Hickey 

New Submission

Michael Hickey added Ebb and Flow to the contest!

4:48:31 AM

Filippo B 

New Submission

Filippo B added Abstract print 22 to the contest!

3:31:57 AM

Michael Durst 

New Submission

Michael Durst added Intensity to the contest!

3:10:03 AM

Hilde Widerberg 

New Submission

Hilde Widerberg added I can lift you and throw you in the bin to the contest!

12:48:06 AM

Lesa Weller 

New Submission

Lesa Weller added Bright Morning to the contest!

10:28:29 PM

John OBrien 

New Submission

John OBrien added Unique Artist-1 to the contest!

9:40:58 PM

Linda Galok 

New Submission

Linda Galok added Psychedelic Hearts to the contest!

7:48:49 PM

Vicky Tarcau 

New Submission

Vicky Tarcau added Boats at Sunset Blue to the contest!

7:42:04 PM

Pat Saunders-White 

New Submission

Pat Saunders-White added Red Odyssey to the contest!

7:39:33 PM

First Star Art 

New Submission

First Star Art added Levitate to the contest!

5:34:51 PM

Amazing Jules 

New Submission

Amazing Jules added Light Play to the contest!

4:02:57 PM

Renee Trenholm 

New Submission

Renee Trenholm added Golden Vibrations to the contest!

3:13:39 PM

Charleen Treasures 

New Submission

Charleen Treasures added Glitter Explosion to the contest!

12:52:43 PM

Loriental Photography 

New Submission

Loriental Photography added Abstract Path to the contest!

12:42:14 PM

Fereshteh Stoecklein 

New Submission

Fereshteh Stoecklein added Venice Masked Ball to the contest!

11:52:18 AM

Valerie Anne Kelly 

New Submission

Valerie Anne Kelly added Friendship to the contest!

11:00:43 AM

Sherri Odegaarden 

New Submission

Sherri Odegaarden added Doodle 10 to the contest!

10:42:50 AM

Dizzy Heavens Imagination 

New Submission

Dizzy Heavens Imagination added Venting to the contest!

9:31:28 AM

Angelina Vick 

New Submission

Angelina Vick added Vibe 1 to the contest!

8:18:10 AM

Carola Ann-Margret Forsberg 

New Submission

Carola Ann-Margret Forsberg added Butterfly Nightmare to the contest!

3:56:24 AM

Peter Mooyman 

New Submission

Peter Mooyman added River Water Abstract to the contest!

2:58:59 AM

Aparna Suriaraj 

New Submission

Aparna Suriaraj added alien land to the contest!

2:52:19 AM

Richard Piper 

New Submission

Richard Piper added Futzan to the contest!

12:16:19 AM

Jim Lynch 

New Submission

Jim Lynch added Trap Doors to the contest!

11:07:48 PM

Irene Pomirchy 

New Submission

Irene Pomirchy added Ball of Lightning to the contest!

10:48:10 PM

Inna Arbo 

New Submission

Inna Arbo added Secrecy to the contest!

10:10:15 PM

Sheila Silverstein 

New Submission

Sheila Silverstein added World In Motion to the contest!

10:07:20 PM

Robert Meanor 

New Submission

Robert Meanor added The Lion and The Tiger to the contest!

8:05:59 PM

John Cardamone 

New Submission

John Cardamone added Disparition to the contest!

5:45:16 PM

Dale Ford 

New Submission

Dale Ford added Crazy Vibe to the contest!

3:26:20 PM

Ismeta Gruenwald 

New Submission

Ismeta Gruenwald added Powerful - Abstract Art to the contest!

2:58:41 PM

Anthony Rego 

New Submission

Anthony Rego added Sol to the contest!

2:50:15 PM

Jale Fancey 

New Submission

Jale Fancey added Algonquin Abstract to the contest!

12:00:38 PM

David Pantuso 

New Submission

David Pantuso added Interaction to the contest!

8:37:44 AM

Thomas MacPherson Jr 

New Submission

Thomas MacPherson Jr added Mind's Eye to the contest!

6:00:52 AM

Laura Hamill 

New Submission

Laura Hamill added I Am Aether Here or There to the contest!

3:37:22 AM

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko 

New Submission

Evgeniy Eugene Yermolenko added Better Mood to the contest!

10:32:18 PM

Linda Phelps 

New Submission

Linda Phelps added Verbeana Abstract to the contest!

8:30:24 PM

Teresa Wegrzyn 

New Submission

TERESA WEGRZYN added WONDER to the contest!

8:07:38 PM

Judi Goodwin 

New Submission

Judi Goodwin added Colour Blitz 2 to the contest!

8:04:28 PM

John Lyes 

New Submission

John Lyes added Moonrise Over Sedona to the contest!

7:54:09 PM

Rachael Pragnell 

New Submission

Rachael Pragnell added Cats Eye to the contest!

7:13:46 PM

George Pasini 

New Submission

George Pasini added Psychedelic arches to the contest!

7:03:16 PM

Ron Bissett 

New Submission

Ron Bissett added Blue Star to the contest!

6:32:52 PM

Cliff Spohn 

New Submission

Cliff Spohn added Orange Wisp to the contest!

3:34:44 PM

A K Dayton 

New Submission

A K Dayton added Calhoun Reflections Two to the contest!

3:29:18 PM

Michael Cinnamond 

New Submission

Michael Cinnamond added Anchors Away to the contest!

1:13:08 PM

Everette McMahan jr 

New Submission

Everette McMahan jr added in the beginning to the contest!